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Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

Posted by Stephanie L on 3/30/05 at 15:38 (172195)

I have done everything out there to cure my feet and no doctor is finding the solution for me. Im a 32yr old female and are too young to have this problem. My feet problem is holding me back from starting a family. I went to another podiatrist today at Georgetown Hospital in D.C. and he recommends a Nerve block. The doctor wanted to do this today but I always do my own research on any medical tests before considering. Has anyone gotten one and did it help you? Can it cause more problems? How many did you need to get to find complete relief or partial relief? I am an unusual case and have been to every kind of doctor out there to help me but Im just getting the run around. I have done every test out there, conservative treatments, medications and even surgery but Im not cured. Please respond with any advice you have. Thanks.

Re: Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

Dr. Z on 3/30/05 at 19:15 (172215)

The posterior tib nerve block has been used for years in podiatry. Can be very effective for pain and inflamation. I would do the blocks so long as you continue to get relief. Good luck.

Re: Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

Stephanie L on 3/30/05 at 20:53 (172225)

Dr Z - Thanks for responding about Nerve Block. How many would you suggest to get to know if its going to work for me or not? How much time should be allowed between each injection? The Doctor told me the injection would be right next to the ankle bone, just above my TTS incision from surgery. Is that the spot to get this kind of injection? Thanks again.

Re: Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

Dr. Z on 3/30/05 at 22:06 (172235)

The late Dr. Steinberg who is the expert for this nerve block use to do this weekly until the pain is gone. I use three one week apart and if no relief I stop. You can give as many as you need. The doctor must be an expert when performing this block.

Re: Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

Jenny M. on 4/15/05 at 20:38 (173276)

Hi Stephanie,

I'm a 28 year old female who also feels too young to have this problem. I never had an injury, pain just started gradually on commute to work which was diagnosed as post-tibial tendinitis which later progressed to TTS. I have positive Tinel's sign, EMG results show some latency but neurologist doesn't think it's conclusive. Pain and tingling has now moved throughout the foot and accross the top of the ankle. An ortho also at Georgetown wants to do TT release and tendon repair, but says I'll always have pain because pain is so diffuse now and throughout foot. I feel the same way as you -- I've been to every doctor under the sun at this point and am tempted to just do the surgery, but am concerned by what I read on these boards, especially because noone really knows why this happened. Who at Georgetown did you see?

Jenny M.

Re: Sympathetic Nerve Block in Posterior Tibial nerve

stephanie on 5/20/05 at 07:48 (175350)

Jenny- Sorry I didn't respons sooner. I have not logged into heelspurs in over a month. At Georgetown Hospital I had surgery with Dr. Ducic. The Podiatrist I went to 1 time was Dr Steinberg. Please email me at (email removed).