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Road building

Posted by JudyS on 4/02/05 at 22:09 (172468)

Has anybody here ever had a road/driveway built for their home? We live in a semi-rural area and we share a common drive with three other homes. The drive is dirt and we are researching the possibility of having it paved with asphalt.
Any input/advice would be appreciated!

Re: Road building

Necee on 4/02/05 at 23:48 (172472)

We now live on a gravel county road Judy. Our drive way is also gravel, we thought about having asphalt put down, but it's rather expensive. What we did was.....first we put down a good base.....thats very important, once thats packed down really well, we had washed rock put on top, it's small gravel with no dirt in it at all....we really like it.
In your situation, splitting the cost with the other homeowners, and going with the asphalt sounds like the ideal thing to do.

Let me know what ya'll decide.


Re: Road building

JudyS on 4/02/05 at 23:55 (172473)

Necee - do you know what material you used for the base?

Re: Road building

vince on 4/03/05 at 09:13 (172480)

Getting neighbors together to do a common project like a road is hard enough but once it's finished getting them to contibute contibuting towards maintainance is sometime more difficult. It may be best to form a homeowners association and put the obligation to maintain the road as a codicile on each homeowners deed. This way if one or more of the owners don't keep up on their obligation the others can do it and put the cost as a lien on the house and property. Then other members of the association can force a forclosure sale to recover the costs.

Re: Road building

john h on 4/03/05 at 11:28 (172491)

I would sure get some advice from an engineer. The city or county may offer some free input. I would expect you would want a soil boring to see just what is there. We do that before we build any buildings, parking lots, etc. If you are paying for it yourself concrete will probably be out of the mix (pun).

Re: Road building

JudyS on 4/03/05 at 12:23 (172494)

Oh gosh I see that (after the horrid Mich. loss last nite....) I was completely wrong in my description of our driveway. We do share a drive with three other homes but we paved that years ago. However, the drive that comes from there to our house is dirt. It is a giant oval (3/4 acre)and one long leg of the oval is shared by our next-door neighbors in the form of an ingress/egress right of way over our land.

We want to pave our entire oval. Those nieghbors, who own horses (and who illegally board several but no one really minds that) don't want us to pave the long leg of the oval that they use. Why? Because of their horses. Our original motive was to pave all of the oval because we have a huge dirt/dust problem - and, of course, to make the drive easier to use.

Technically, we can pave all we want to. That's simple. But our neighbor is being quite a poop about it. Now he says he's expecting cement trucks for some work he's doing at his house.

We don't think we're responsible for acommodating his horses or heavy equipment. Having said that, we already told him we'd leave a good width of dirt path (four feet wide) for his horses.

We also said we were going to replace some Eucalyptus trees we removed last year with fruit trees and oleander trees. This would be in the area adjacent to the drive. He doesn't like that.

He doesn't like anything.

Last, we discovered he'd built a berm of dirt at the far end of our drive to divert the natural flow of water (we live on a hill) off our land away from his and towards another nieghbor's. It's been flowing like that for eons (as hills do) and no one has ever had an issue with it. Because there is no issue with it. So we're not sure why he did that and we're going to have to undo it.

And the WHOLE other side of that coin is that we want to retain good neighbor relations with him and his family so we're considering not paving that stretch that he's concerned about but rather just putting down several inches of DG. We put that proposal out to him as a compromise but he refuses to even pay for half of the DG. So my hackles are up - which doesn't make for good decision-making.

That's essentially why I brought my question here - to see if anyone has any experience with DG. And to vent. Thank you so much!

Re: Neighbors

Carole C in NOLA on 4/03/05 at 14:35 (172502)

I know nothing in the slightest about roads. However, it seems like your neighbors are more of a problem than the road! My sympathies. I do know about rotten neighbors (though mine are fabulous at my present location).

You are right that it's helpful to have good neighbor relations. However, as I read your post, it seems like they are bullying you (as well as the recipient of the drainage that is naturally theirs). If so, it's a difficult situation to resolve.

Here's my unsolicited opinion of what I'd do if I were in your shoes.

1.) I'd pave it with whatever I wanted, and pay 100% of the cost. In choosing, I'd realize that they will probably have other construction vehicles in there from time to time, when they need to do improvements.

2.) Also I'd put down a reasonably adequate dirt path for the horses.

3.) Then, I'd be as distant as possible with these neighbors. I'd be friendly, but I wouldn't go out of my way to initiate any contact whatsoever. I'd consider more fences or screening with plants in any strategic locations to minimize contact with them. 'Good fences make good neighbors', when that's possible.

They sound like poison! LOL

Carole C

Re: Road building

vince on 4/03/05 at 14:50 (172503)

My suggestion is to do whatever is the best for you and what you are legally entitled to do. If it was my neighbor I would tell him to mind his own business and I will overlook the illegal horses on his land. Otherwise he could start getting rid of the horses he's not supposed to have.

Re: Road building

Julie on 4/03/05 at 15:28 (172506)

Judy, Carole has given you excellent advice and so has Vince. It sounds as though your problem is that you're hung up on the notion of 'retaining good neighbour relations with him'. But you don't have good relations with him, so you might as well face that fact. He is bullying you, as Carole says. Do your road, accept that you've got a lemon for a neighbour, and back off. A nice big hedge would help!

Re: Road building

marie on 4/03/05 at 17:37 (172508)

Hedges work. I'm with Vince and Carole.

You can't always please everyone. Some folks are always going to put their interests before the whole groups interest. Do what needs to be done and keep your distance until your neighbor realizes that it's not a big deal. He will in time and will be embarassed about it. When Christmas comes send over a plate of goodies with a card and slowly your relations will improve. Time is a true test of human behavior.........I believe time always wins.

best wishes marie

Re: Road building

JudyS on 4/03/05 at 18:22 (172512)

Right you are Julie - I'd just love for 'everyone' to be happy. But he won't be. That's a shame as I enjoy his wife and children.

Thanks so much, everyone, for your very reasonable input. I sure appreciate it. This board never fails to produce good, common sense solutions.

Re: Road building BASE

Necee on 4/04/05 at 00:24 (172533)

Judy the base we used here is called Kaleche. It's a combination of gravel mixed with a clay type soil that compacts very well. Once it's down and packed we then added our top layer, which was a thick layer of washed gravel. It has held up quite well over the years.
The problem with asphalt is, if heavy trucks use that driveway, it will break down the asphalt, and quickly ruin that smooth surface.


Re: Road building

Necee on 4/04/05 at 00:28 (172534)

I forgot to mention, they are trying a new thing on dirt and gravel roads here in our county....it's an environmentally safe type of oil. It's main purpose is keeping the roads as dust free as possible. The only thing is, it doesn't last very long.

Happy trails....