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am i recovering ?

Posted by zg on 4/03/05 at 08:42 (172479)

this is a little long, i hope u could help me ...

background :
ive been suffering from pain in feet for 19 months now
its a long story, it all started when i stepped over a wasp, then i had pain in the front part of my leg near the fingers and in the middle of the arch
then after 6 months after i trained my leg in a gym with weights i got a severe pain in the heel area, (the area looks a lot like in the figure in the main page), only after a year i was diagnosed as suffering from pf, until then i just didnt know anything ... (many BAD doctors...)
at the same time more or less i was diagnosed with the pf i got ebv (epshtain bar virus) which caused me serious weakness, i was very sick for 5 months and then healed. im telling all this background to emphesize that im suffering from this for a very long time but on the other end i didnt really take care of my feet too much or in the best way
im going with orthodocs and doing streching

so my question is :
in the last 2 months ive been travelling in central america, i did long hikes and walks, i constantly had pain in my feet but it was more 'annoying' and uncomfortable than painful, dont get me wrong, it is still a nightmare, but i could make long walks and hikes, and i didnt have severe pains at all after long walks, just inconvinience. i couldnt walk fast or run, the foot stayed in a 'static' state, didnt go worst or better

is it a sign im recovering if long walks and hikes didnt increase my pain ?
is it just a matter of time ?
my pain now is not severe, but definatly uncomfortable !

i still have pains in my arch and heel area, im now doing streches every day. a doctor i saw said its a matter of time... but u know....


Re: am i recovering ?

Dr. Z on 4/03/05 at 10:07 (172481)

. I would read the heel pain book and start with the foot yoga excercises at the very least. I am not sure if you are hoping that it is getting better instead of you just pushing thru the pain. If you are limping at any time this isn't good. The amount of hiking walking can be bad for you if your foot is damaged

Re: am i recovering ?

zg on 4/03/05 at 14:15 (172500)

im not limping ...
i did limp for a long time, but now i dont need to, as i said, the pain is not intense or strong, but it is 'annoying' or un-comfortable, but definetly not strong, thats why i wondered if it is a good sign or not neccesaraly (as i described in my first message)

Re: am i recovering ?

Dr. Z on 4/03/05 at 14:55 (172504)

Its sound like it but the activities you describe could reverse your progress. I would at the VERY least do yoga foot excercises and plantar fascia stretch.

Re: am i recovering ?

zg on 4/04/05 at 09:55 (172545)

Hi Dr.Z
im affraid my original question lost its direction
im doing everything i can to heal : streches, rest, treatment etc, im fully aware of all the things i need to do (especialy rest)

all i want to ask is :

does the fact that efforts didnt increase my pain and the fact that i could do efforts imply that i may be healing or not necessaraly? (meanning this could be a strange permanent situation)


the reason i ask is because im having pains for a long, long, long time but on the other end as i explained in my original message, my leg didnt get the ideal or even basic treatment during most of that time (for different reasons)

Re: am i recovering ?

Julie on 4/04/05 at 11:16 (172551)

Dr Z means, I think, that you do seem to be healing, but that if you continue to re-injure the inflamed fascia with the kind of intense activity you are doing, your recovery may be set back.

Re: am i recovering ?

Dr Ben Pearl on 4/05/05 at 07:35 (172624)

You are healing, it may be a long haul.

Re: am i recovering ?

Terri on 4/05/05 at 09:26 (172629)

If you can take hikes you must be healing very well !! Wow, what I would give to take one more hike !! It would be like winning the lottery !!