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Steve G.

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 4/03/05 at 22:46 (172529)

How are you? Just wondering, since we were kinda on the same path of healing & time frame?

Re: Steve G.

SteveG on 4/03/05 at 23:39 (172531)

Rachael - I am doing pretty well these days, although I would not say that I am completely healed. I would say that I am about 80% improved from where I was 2/12 years ago. I can, for example, take my dog for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood without any problems. It's hard to describe to my wife how much I missed the simple joy of being able to walk around our neighborhood. However, I still get some discomfort in my arch and a bit in my heel if I overdue it. Interestingly, I have vascular symptoms that I never had before --after a long walk my feet are red and hot, but this subsides pretty quickly. When my PF was at its worst, the bottom of my foot felt 'thick' and inflammed. It's a bit hard to discribe, but they now feel more normal in the sense that they are lighter and more supple. I can easily bent my toes forward, and for a long time they felt stiff when I tried to bend them forward or pick up anything with my toes.

I have been doing exercises to strengthen my feet, since I think that the muscles atrophied during my long battle with PF. Using one of the posts on our bed I try to bend my toes forward against resistance. I also used the foot trainers for a few months.

Although I threw everything at the problem - orthodics, strassburg, foot trainers, weight loss, stretching, etc, I think I started to turn the corner after my first round of EWST. I noticed 8 weeks after the first treatment that I could stand in line without grinding my teeth, and that seemed to be the beginning of my road out of PF. I am sure glad now that during my darkest hours I did not go ahead and have the surgery as some people suggested I should.

So, how are you these days??

Re: Steve G.

Erica on 4/05/05 at 21:26 (172681)

Hi Steve, I too, am much improved. Once in a while - overdoing it does cause me some minor pain but ibup. & resting the night usually allows me to awaken normally again. I can walk for a long time now, I can ride my bike forever it seems w/o any problem, I swam daily while in Fla. for the past 3 winter months & that really helps me. I will continue to swim once the pool opens nearby. I continue to wear custom orthotics in my Brooks Ariels as well as my Ariat Barn boots & SDO's sometimes in pumps; I also wear Birkenstocks ALOT. I feel more comfy in Birkenstocks than any orthotics I've had. I, like you, am not 100% ~ & I couldn't live the lifestyle I used to live w/ riding 10+ horses daily & going for hours on my feet...but I pleasure ride my horse now & do show him some. I think I am much more normal than I realize as I do alot. Unfortunately, I still ldream of wearing some really designer high heels - but, I guess that will 'maybe' happen in my next life! I am glad you too are doing better. Continued good feet day wishes to you!!!

Re: Steve G.

Rachael T. on 4/05/05 at 21:28 (172682)

Woops, Steve G! My girlfriend, Erica has used this pc - she too has a foot problem....but hers is (I think & she thinks) metatarsalgia. She used my pc to post a question & then, I posted the reply to your note & inadvertantly - I forgot to erase her name on the post page. Sorry - Hope you didn't get confused! Smiling as I type that.

Re: Steve G.

john king on 4/07/05 at 16:23 (172782)

Can anyone with PF imagine those people waiting in line for 12-14 hours to see the Pope. Just looking at those lines made me cringe. When I go to the grocery store and see the old guys standing there bagging at the checkout line I just envy them. I could not do that for 20 minutes and some of them are 25 years older than me.