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Posted by Necee on 4/04/05 at 01:53 (172540)

I've got some house pictures posted on Shutterfly. I'm having trouble getting the address to work so they can be viewed by those interested.


Re: pictures

marie on 4/04/05 at 15:08 (172566)

Can I help you in any way? Let me know.

I would love to see them!!!!

Re: pictures----Shutterfly website

Necee on 4/05/05 at 10:22 (172638)

Thanks Marie, the pictures are posted on Shutterfly.com in one of my albums, how can they be viewed by those interested.
I'm doing something wrong I know.

Happy trails...


Re: pictures----Shutterfly website

JudyS on 4/05/05 at 11:08 (172639)

Necee - I just sent the following to you via email but I thought I'd go ahead and post it here also. These are directions for getting a Shutterfly link posted here.

Sign in to your Shutterfly.

Select your album.

Click the tab at the top that says 'Share online'

Click the tab at the right that says 'Share this album'

A new window appears that allows you to enter one or more email addresses of the folks you want to 'share' the photos with. The idea here is just to get an email in there (not your own) so that Shutterfly will then produce a link that you can copy and past to HS.com

Then click little blue oval/box that says 'Share now'.

A new window will show you the link that will be sent to your recipient(s).

You can copy and paste that link here on the message board, or you can wait 'til it shows up in the email of the recipient(s) you listed in the email field.


Re: pictures----Shutterfly website

marie on 4/05/05 at 16:18 (172657)

We need to save these directions in case someone needs them in the future! Nice job Judy!