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New Balance 925

Posted by Hazel on 4/04/05 at 21:02 (172585)

I've been suffering with heal spurs (right side of left heal and sometimes on side of foot) since August 2004. I've had injections, physical therapy, used ice/heat, etc. but in the end, my foot still hurts.

I tried a pair of New Balance 925's today and they gave my foot some relief. I didn't buy because they were only available in white. A black pair was ordered for me. I liked the way these shoes stabalized and supported my foot. My foot hurt immediately when I put on my old shoes.

Can anyone recommend other brands/shoes that work in a similar way as the New Balance. The description in the store said they help people who 'over pronate' when they walk. I work in construction and would like something a little beefier than the New Balance for work. It doesn't need to be a heavy duty work shoe but something more durable than a gym shoe. Maybe New Balance has a patent on their technology for this shoe.

Anyway, I thank you in advance for any recommendations you can give.


Re: New Balance 925

Terri on 4/05/05 at 09:31 (172630)

I wear New Balance 991's. They are $125.00 a pair but well worth it and I get a new pair every 3 months.

Re: New Balance 925

Linda V on 4/05/05 at 12:06 (172649)

I wear NB 780...the only sneaker I have worn for one year while I am recovering from PF. I use the green superfeet insert in them. You can order them online at Zappos..free shipping and no hassle free shipping return if you don't like them. Good luck.

Re: New Balance 925..I posted wrong # previous post

Linda V on 4/05/05 at 12:07 (172650)

duhhh...they are the 880 model...