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Just an update

Posted by Lori S on 4/05/05 at 00:41 (172615)

Its been awhile since I last posted, but I thought I would let everyone know how I am. I still come here from time to time,I just dont post much,,,,,, mostly read.... and thought I should put some words of encouragement out there.

I suffered with Pf for almost 3 years. We (pod and me) tried almost everyting. Inserts, over the counter and custom made my feet worse... physical therapy ...worse,,, nsaids helped of course, at least I could walk a little,,,,, but I didnt want to live on these, we taped, and stretched, and injections (which I had allergic reactions to, so they were no longer an option),,,Una boots, these did help, but they were on three days and off 4(this was right before my eswt, the only thing that did help with pain at that poing was the una boots)..... the list goes on. My podiatrist suggested ESWT... though he doesnt do this procedure, he told me after me being in there in tears so many times,,,,,, if I were his sister, he would highly suggest ESWT.

So, I had ESWT on 9/29/04. It is not a difficult procedure, they used the Dornier Epos, in an office. The first few months were rough, some days worse than my feet had been before. But I babied my feet, knowing it didnt take a few weeks for them to get this bad. I took the time to rest, stretch when it felt okay, avoid ibuprofen, and let them heel. Around 3 to 4 months, there was great improvement. Right now it has been just over 6 months and I am me again.

I can walk again. Not just an hour around my house, I can walk as much as I want. I still stretch, and I still buy good shoes, and I take care of my feet. Because I am afraid to go back to the way it was. For me ESTW was the best thing ever. I feel like a new person. I remember what I used to feel like, and the painful letters people write here. There is hope, I am proof. I thank everyone at this site, for their information, knowledge, and support. Its difficult when you are in constant pain, and this place is what helped me get through it. Helped me research ESWT, helped me learn.

Best wishes,,,,,,

Re: Just an update

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/12/05 at 15:16 (173059)

You are the person we need to thank. So many who are cured lose interest in sharing their experiences fairly quickly and don't come back to post.
Thank you for letting us know how things went.

Re: Just an update

Jenny B on 4/13/05 at 22:46 (173148)

I too had ESWT on 11/18/04. I spent 2 years in court fighting the worker's comp. just to receive medical care, i was at my wits end. It has been almost 5 months now and my quality of life has improved so much I dont even know where to begin.

I DO know how tough it is waiting for some/ any ray of hope that you will feel better. If you do end up having this surgery, i do strongly suggest that you obey every condition down to the letter. I was in bed for 4 weeks. Tough as it may sound, it is well worth the struggle. I always felt that not walking or running after my kids was way worse than sucking it up for 30 days. Thank God I did. There is hope our there, you just need to believe.