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How much is too much stretching/massaging?

Posted by CA D. on 4/05/05 at 16:47 (172659)

I have two freelance jobs: in one job I spend all my time on my feet, and sometimes running (photo assistant), the other job is at a desk all day long. I am now stretching my calves every time I stand up from my desk job.

How much calf stretching is too much?

I also have a small rubber ball with 'spikes' designed for massaging the foot. How many times should I massage the foot during the day? How long should I massage the foot each time?

I have a wooden foot massager that looks like an inverted mushroom. It's designed (I suppose) to pinpoint painful areas. Is that bad for plantar fasciatis?


Re: How much is too much stretching/massaging?

Dr. Z on 4/05/05 at 22:42 (172691)

Take a look at the plantar fascia stretch and foot yoga excercises. I don't like the ball. I would have to understand your present foot problem to help you with duration of excercises.