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Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Posted by Heather M on 4/05/05 at 17:59 (172668)

I have had pain in both feet for about 10 years. In the begining it only bothered me after being on my feet for a long day so it didn't really interfere with my life. I had a couple of bad trips where I was completely dibilitated but I recovered fast and I had no insurance so I let it go. The last 2 years it has gotten much worse not being able to stand for more than a few minutes without pain. The doctor and MRI and NC say I have both Plantar Fasciitus and TTS. I have orthodics and have done therapy with no luck I just started cortisone and it is not working. I'm just confused cause I don't have morning pain and my toes don't go numb. Mainly my feet just hurt all over all the time. Suggestions as to treatments before surgery?

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

elliott on 4/05/05 at 20:35 (172676)

Heather, do you have any nervy pain at all? If so, please describe (where, what, when).

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Heather M on 4/06/05 at 09:10 (172701)

My pain has actually changed recently. For the last 10 years is has all been in the ball and heel of my feet. Like I was walking on bone. Like I said before though it took awhile for it really to get aggrevated. Three months ago the doctor and therapists told me to get some New Balance shoes and some over the counter orthodics. Now the pain in the ball is gone but now my arches are super sore and my heels are much worse. I overpronate which I guess is the reason behind all of my probs. The pain is hard to describe cause it changes, at first it feels like pressure bearing down and then like my feet are bruised then the tingling and the needle pain starts. All of that is the same just the duration has shortened. What used to take hours now takes minutes. I can't be on my feet at all without some small amount of pain and no more than an hour max. I have a tendency to flip my feet and stand on the sides to give them a break but now my ankles and the outside of my feet are starting to ache. My left is much worse and I'm lefthanded so I guess that makes sense. I cross my legs and always put my right over my left which makes my foot hurt even when sitting. I'm 32 and really concerned that I'm going to be stuck on the couch my whole life.

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

elliott on 4/06/05 at 09:34 (172702)

Heather, I'd seek a few more opinions from some good docs before taking any drastic action.

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Heather M on 4/07/05 at 12:42 (172762)

Do you think I've been misdiagnosed? I plan on calling my doctor Monday is I'm no better with this cortisone shot.

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Michelle M on 4/09/05 at 18:44 (172899)

Hi Heather,

Your pain sounds really similar to mine. I am 29 and have had pain realted to PF for about 4 years now. It got progressively worse during those 4 years so that I am now only able to stand for an hour max. I was recently diagnosed with a trapped nerve in my foot (its called Baxter's nerve or the left branch of the lateral plantar nerve) rather than TTS. Make sure that you have someone check for this before you jump into anything. They should be able to figure it out by doing an EMG (or at least that's how they figured mine out). Good luck with everything. Keep posting. I am interested to hear how things turn out for you. I'll try and do the same.

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Amy on 4/09/05 at 20:08 (172902)

What are you going to do about your nerve entrapment - my ortho says I have the same (bilateral) but it did not show on two neve conduction tests. My neurologist says the nerves are 'irritated' - whatever that means. I would be interested in hearing what they are advising you to do -
Thanks Amy

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Heather M on 4/11/05 at 12:20 (172971)


Is there any way to know without the EMG? Not really excited about asking to take that test. I heard that is pretty painful. I'm such a baby about needles it is pathetic. Do you have it in both feet and keep us posted about what you are doing about it.

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Terri on 4/14/05 at 16:14 (173207)

I had an EMG and thought it was nothing compared to having my foot numbed for ESWT. Considering I almost passed out and threw up in a bucket the EMG was a piece of cake. I did take about 5 mg of Valuim though . You might want to ask your primary care doctor if he/she would prescribe something. Mine willing to give something. I've had similar things going on with my foot for about a year. It was a slow progression that was set off by golf lessons ( I do NOT recommend anyone with foot issues takeing golf lessons ) then it felt like it had been beaten with a bat. Then and still is going through all kinds of things. For a while it was burning and tingling sensations then I changed orthotics then it got somewhat better but I never stand or walk but to get to the car and the elevator and I was VERY active all my life before this. I had an MRI w/contrast dye and that didn't show anything but varicose veins in my ankle and some swelling in a muscle. The doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me. It has been very frustrating !! Not to mention I'm getting out of shape !! Ugh !!

Re: Plantars Fasciitus AND TTS

Heather M on 4/15/05 at 08:29 (173238)

Yicks! The ESWT was that bad? I'm waiting to hear back from my doc. about what is next after orthodics, PT and the cortisone. My doc is pretty nice and I guess I'm lucky, if you can call it that, that my MRI showed the PF and the NC showed the TTS. I know a lot of people who have clean MRIs and NC tests who are in pain and that would be very frustrating. For me it is just what the heck to do about it now. My main concern it the pace that it is progressing. I've had it for 10 years and the first 8 were pretty mild but the last year has been pretty bad and the last three months even worse. Would you suggest the ESWT? I am just sooooo nervous about even thinking about surgery especially for the TTS since it seems to have such a bad success rate.

Oh and I hear ya on the shape thing. I've gain so much weight and my waist line is the worst!!