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Ruptured fascia???????

Posted by gimp leg on 4/06/05 at 09:39 (172703)

How do you know if you have torn the fascia? It has hurt for serveral years, lately I've increased my activity. Last night, I think I did somethng bad. Right in the middle of the heel at the front part of the fascia, it HURTS and burns. I am even sick to my stomach because of the pain. Any comments or suggestions. Can you feel if the fascia has split??
Walking with a limp!

Re: Ruptured fascia???????

Kathy B. on 4/06/05 at 20:38 (172732)

I'm not a dr. but I did rupture my fascia last Oct. Running up carpeted stairs I slipped and my heel fell off the stair. I felt a strong popping sensation that was so strong it was almost like I could hear it pop. I had alot of immediate pain that gradually decreased, but was aggrivated with walking or wearing shoes. I could also feel a weird sensation in my arch near the heel like something was snapping with each step. After wearing a walking cast for 5/6 wks it had improved but again became very painful with walking. I have gradually improved but its been slow especially since I stand and walk all day at work. I now seem to be quite a bit more flat footed in that foot. I might add that I had fascitis in that foot with several prior steroid injections. Good luck to you, I'm sure on of the Dr.s will have something more to add.


Re: Ruptured fascia???????

dixie on 4/07/05 at 10:35 (172750)

Did you have an MRI to view the fascia? Did you have to have any surgery on this?
My foot hurts so bad, worse than normal. I am wondering how you know it is ruptured when (I think) the fascia does not show up on conv. x-rays.

Re: Ruptured fascia???????

gimp leg on 4/07/05 at 10:38 (172751)

I did not hear anything pop, but now, I do have intense pain, and sharp, shooting pain through several parts of my heel, especially my arch. In walking, the 'push off' is murder!