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My leg is getting smaller

Posted by milley on 4/06/05 at 10:01 (172704)

I'm here with another question: My left leg is now becoming much smaller then the right. I thought at first it was because of the repeated surgeries and long time casting. I have been out of the cast and cam walkers since oct 04. Seems it is getting smaller everyday. Can one of you look at the pictures I have put on this link and tell me what you think?

Re: My leg is getting smaller

john king on 4/07/05 at 16:32 (172787)

My wife wore a cast on your lower leg after an accident 15 years ago. Her affected calf is still much smaller. The muscle has never come back. I think to get it back you would have to exercise it with weight training. I broke my left arm as a kid and it is smaller than my right.

Re: My leg is getting smaller

milley on 4/08/05 at 07:54 (172816)

I broke my arm as well as a kid and it is a little smaller. However I am concerned because we are talking 4' smaller in the calf alone and higher then the point of the cast. This didn't happen intil around the end of december, and getting smaller each month.

Re: My leg is getting smaller

john king on 4/08/05 at 11:17 (172833)

I would go to an orthopedist and get his advice.

Re: My leg is getting smaller

milley on 4/11/05 at 12:15 (172968)

you know, maybe I just take up drinking it will be cheaper, and I dont think a good crown and coke has ever lied to anyone like the medical proffesion does, what'ch think?