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Physical Thearpist I am using

Posted by John H on 4/06/05 at 13:01 (172710)

She has a very good resume. She did not tell me this but I read it in the paper:

Board Certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapist. Certified McKenzie practitioner. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Thirty hours from her Doctorate and will compete by end of year. Graduate of the U. of Wisconsin with degree in PT with highest honors. High School track and field coach. 1998 NCAA Wisconsin Woman of the Year recognizing achievements in athletics, academics, and community service. NCAA Division III National Champion in the 4x4 400 meter relay (ran anchor). 6 time Track and Field All American at University of Wisconsin LaCrosse. Two time Ironman Triathlons finisher. In the running for this years Hiawaiian Ironman competition.

She surely is the most knowledgable PT I have ever been to. My guess she is around 30.

Re: Physical Thearpist I am using

Ralph on 4/06/05 at 16:03 (172723)

No doubt she understands your problem and hopefully can provide help for you maybe even that cure we all want.

Re: Physical Thearpist I am using

John H on 4/07/05 at 11:21 (172753)

Ralph: After all these years I expect no miracles no matter who or how smart they are. Got to keep on trying. If I could get a go at the Ossatron for $1000 I would sure try that in a minute. Unfortunately around here the Ossatron is $5000 per.

Re: Physical Thearpist I am using

Buck T. on 4/07/05 at 11:59 (172760)

Hi John: Also found best PT after five years other kind. Main difference is the deep tissue massage. He's also ex body builder, so he has great strength. He says it takes this strength to do deep massage daily and many PTs don't have physical capabilities. Am hybrid. ESWT one foot for Pf, surgery other. Had about 60 percent success with ESWT, but after seeing him ESWT foot almost normal. Other foot greatly better and improving. In a nutshell, he is disolving scar tissue, increasing circulation and gently lengthening whatever goes to and around fascia. He also uses ultrasound, some kind of electrical machine, and of course exercises.

Sincerely, Buck T.

Re: Physical Thearpist I am using

John H on 4/08/05 at 09:40 (172829)

Buck it sounds like you are on the right tract to nirvana. I had a PT guy who was an animal to treat a big knot on my achilles tendon some years ago (tendonitis). In two weeks he worked it out with brute force. I want to tell you I wanted to scream but there were to many ladies around for me to sound like a girly guy. I thought I would crush my teeth I was bitting so hard. It worked.

Re: I'm going for PT, too, but it's not for my feet!

Kathy G on 4/09/05 at 09:33 (172884)

I, too, am going for PT for the arthritis in my neck. It was really getting bad but I had gotten some relief, at least in the clavicle, from painting. That painting motion helped me so much I almost cancelled the appointment I had with an ortho surgeon to see if he could offer some relief with a cortisone shot in my neck. Then I found out that our insurance is going to change - radically - and decided I should see him before all the rates go up and they add a deductible.

When I saw him, he said that he usually was able to pinpoint a trigger point on someone with arthritis but that I was so tight, and had so much arthritis, it was impossible. He recommended four weeks of PT, twice a week, with exercises, ultraound, cervical traction and massage. The PT thought that I had so many muscle spasms that she couldn't do much for me until the massage therapist did her thing. I went for PT on Tuesday and had my first massage on Wednesday. I'm scheduled for another massage this coming Wednesday but no PT until the next week. The therapist thinks I couldn't tolerate PT twice a week.

Come to find out, she could only add two exercises to the exercise regime I was already doing at home. One she showed me is deceptively simple but if done with too much pressure, one could end up with a terrible headache so I'm very careful doing it. I do get a headache every evening around 6PM or so and have for months and my hope was that a cortisone shot in the arthritic areas of my necks might help. This was the best therapist I've ever encountered. In the past, I've had terrible luck with PT because they always want me to make my body do things it won't do and I end up in worse pain. She seemed to understand that there are certain things my body just can't do.

I guess I'm in much worse shape than I thought and she and the doctor were so surprised that I wasn't in terrible pain. I'm either numb or I've had pain so long, it's become a part of my life. I think it's the former! :) I am now more convinced than ever that I have to keep moving so that I don't lose my range of motion. In fact, both she and the doctor said that I had excellent range of motion, so that was very encouraging. Actually the only encouraging thing either of them actually said.

Since I was last online - over a month ago? - I also went to another hand surgeon to get a second opinion on surgery. He, too, recommended replacement of the basal joint of my thumb. Once again, it's a quality of life issue and I'm opting not to have the surgery. I fear that ten weeks in a splint would render the other joints in my thumb, wrist and elbow, totally useless, not to mention how it would aggravate the OA in the other hand because I'd be over-using it. And the recuperation time is at least six months, with a whole year before you can go back to 'most' of your regular activites with 'less' pain. Maybe I'll do it down the road, but right now, the quality of my life is quite nice, thank you.

So that's my latest medical saga and I hope we all have good luck with our physical therapy! And I promise, the rest of my posts won't sound like medical reports!

Re: I'm going for PT, too, but it's not for my feet!

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:15 (172886)

Kathy: Have you used the home traction device for your neck. It is a water filled bag with a pulley hung over a door. You adjust the traction by adding or subtracting water. I found that convenient and use as needed. Probably around $25. Ask your Doc or PT. Do you have spurs or narrowning of the the disc space? As you know my wife has arthritis and she swears by fish oil and glucosimine/chrondonitn both of which her rehumatologist prescribed. She refuses some of the heavy duty stuff such as methotrexate.

Re: I'm going for PT, too, but it's not for my feet!

Kathy G on 4/11/05 at 09:11 (172947)

Many years ago, I tried that type of traction, John. It was at PT and I didn't suffer an anxiety attack but I came close. Don't ask me why because I can't explain the feeling of panic I had when they rigged me up in one of those things. I even tried one at home to see if I could do it in the comfort of my home, and I had the same reaction.

The therapist tells me that the new design might be more comfortable for me. She says that it may be key to keeping my vertabrae from fusing so anxiety or not, I'm vowing to give it the old college try. She says the new one is much more expensive but she thinks it works better than the one with the water.

I agree with Mary. No methotrexate for me. It's been suggested even though I don't have RA but the side effects are horrible. Maybe in time I'll have to resort to it but so far, I can put up with what I have.