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My P.F.pain is on the move

Posted by Ralph on 4/07/05 at 11:35 (172755)

I've been using the conservative treatments suggested by just about everyone that I found on this site and of course in Scott's heelpain book and I am seeing some improvement in my arch pain. The inflamation is down and so is my pain level.

What is strange, however, is while that area seems to be improving I'm developing pain on the outer edge of my heel. The same location that the doctor pressed on when he diagnosed my P.F. but on the opposite side of my feet. Like a mirror immage of where the pain used to be.

Looking at the picture of the foot that shows the 3 P.F. bands, my pain is moving to the third band and clearing from the first one. What's up with this?

Re: My P.F.pain is on the move

Terri on 4/08/05 at 18:15 (172858)

My pain moves around like that daily. Somes days its the outer heel, some days just the heel, some days just the arch.