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and then there was one

Posted by elliott on 4/07/05 at 12:30 (172761)

Bextra pulled:


This leaves only Celebrex. Funny, that's the only one I had side-effects from--serious peeling on my hands, in under two weeks, if I recall. Such peeling is listed as a dangerous warning sign, so I stopped using it. Never got relief from any of the ones I tried, though.

Re: and then there was one

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/07/05 at 17:36 (172796)


I have never been very impressed with Bextra nevertheless, do you find it interesting that the study that triggered te FDA recall of Bextra was funded by the insurance industry? The FDA gives the appearance of a battleground between the insurance industry that does not want to pay for expensive new drugs and the drug companies. I see the FDA as an agency that has become over-politicized, where competing big interests go to place a damper on their comptetition.

The implication that the inhibition of the COX-2 enzyme is problematic oftens leads us to forget that 'traditonal' anti-inflammatories inhibit both cox-1 AND cox-2; the difference with the 'new' generation of drugs is that they ihibit cox-2 specifically leaving cox-1 alone. As such, they have no blood 'thinning' effect and no effect on the gastrointestinal system.

We need pain killing drugs that do not alter alertness so that patients can continue to do their jobs without being made 'high' by narcotics when they cannot tolerate the gastrointestinal effects of traditional anti-inflammatories. Unfortunately, choices are limited.

Re: and then there was one

Elyse B on 4/08/05 at 07:25 (172815)

Dr. Ed, you should be reading Jane Brody's articles in the New York Times, Science Section regarding her two knee replacements and the failure of physicians to properly dispense narcotics as pain killers and their failure to deal with chronic pain. It is utterly fascinating.

Re: and then there was one

John H on 4/08/05 at 09:27 (172826)

I have been on celebrex for about 2 weeks for my knee. My knee is about 60% better. Could be time, the celebrex, or even the device I am trying that puts out photons to help reduce inflamation. I have been using it on my knee for about one week.

Re: and then there was one

james n on 4/08/05 at 14:21 (172842)

i too use the 'IR powerlight' on my knees and elbows. how many times a day/what dosage are you at? i was on bextra, celebrex, and prescription naproxen sodium. i found more relief with large doses (10kmg) msm taken with Sam-e than any of the prescrption stuff. anybody else use msm and sam-e?

Re: and then there was one IR Powerlight ?

Terri on 4/08/05 at 17:51 (172856)

Does the IR powerlight help?

Re: and then there was one

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/08/05 at 18:19 (172859)

The failure to deal with chronic pain is due to physicians being afraid to 'overprescribe' narcotic analgesics. This is such big issue that when I refer patients with chronic intractable pain to pain clinics, the pain clinics will always refer them back to me asking me to write the prescription for the narcotic analgesics ('we do all pain mamagement except for pharmacologic intervention'). Even the docs at the pain clinic are terrified of being called to the carpet for overprescritpion of pain meds which are narcotics. Ultimately, this situation needs to be 'fixed' on the congressional level. We, in the US, have literally 'criminalized' the use of narcotics for chronic pain.

Re: and then there was one

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/08/05 at 18:22 (172860)

I would hate to ask you to be a guinea pig to stop each modality one at a time to see which is helping but suspect that if your were willing to make the sacrifice, you could do the 'experiment' for a very short period of time.

Re: and then there was one

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:27 (172888)

Ed: I will drop the photon treatment and stick with the one celebrex a day for a few weeks. I will then drop the celebrex and see what happens. My knee is much improved but not healed by any means. My feet are basically the same. No worse and no better.

Re: and then there was one

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:37 (172889)

Right you are ED. When I saw a pain specialist a few years ago. He prescribed a pain med and then had me go back to my primary physician for any refills. Fortunately I have a good family Doctor who I have known for 20 years. She knows me well and has no problem with prescribing me meds as she knows I will not abuse them. I have really never found a med that would touch foot pain. The only one I took on a regular basis was Vicodin for a few months and it did not help so I dropped that. Some of these drugs clearly effect different people in different ways. Vicodin did no make me sleepy or anything. I might as well have taken an aspirin yet people will pay big dollars on the street for such drugs. They clearly get something I did not. I took a Medrol dose pack one time for the flu or something. Either it did help my foot or I was in one of those foot remission days. Of course being a steriod you cannot take this stuff long term without some serious consequences.

Re: and then there was one IR Powerlight ?

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:44 (172890)

Terri: I have been using the IR Powerlight for about 10 days. So far it has not helped my PF. I think I need to give it 30 days. It may have helped my knee as it is about 60% better. I do not know if it is the IR Powerlight, time, or the celebrex. I made a few recommendations to the manufacturer about how they could supply a velcro strap and small pouch to contain it while treating yourself. They indicated they might adapt my suggestions and will send me one of the new models free. If it arrives I will be glad to send you mine for free. They never mentioned PF as something to treat with the unit but did mention knees, elbows, and shoulders and TENDONS. Keep in touch.

Re: and then there was one

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:53 (172891)

James I have only been using the IR Powerlight at bed time. Seens they recommeded three times a day. I have recently started using Glucosomine/Chronditin (3 a day) but have not tried MSM. I know a lot of people take Sam-e and I thought mainly as an anti depressant. Have read that one should be careful with Sam-e if you are taking other meds. Which other meds I do not know. Beans & Grains a popular chain health food and grocery strore has a large book with all the herbal,etc remedies and products and what they can be used for. It also suggest what not to mix them with. The name of it is 'Nutritional Healing' by Balch. Probably can find it at Barnes & Noble.