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Inserts - Anyone Heard of This Before/Doctor's Opinion

Posted by Joan M on 4/07/05 at 15:06 (172779)

Suffering from PF and my doctor wants to try custom orthotics at $250 out of pocket. Trying to do research and came across The Good Feet Store. Has anyone heard of this store and their arch support system? It involves wearing their supports the first day for 20 minutes and increasing 20 minutes each day. When you're not wearing them, you wear a 'trainer' support. They cost $490 out of pocket. They claim to re-position and change your foot structure. A doctor's opinion would be most helpful with this claim.

Re: Inserts - Anyone Heard of This Before/Doctor's Opinion

john king on 4/07/05 at 16:26 (172785)

Get the custom orthotics. Custom orthotics involve a cast of your foot. Does the Good Feet Store make a cast of your feet? This is just a racket to get your money. I have been wearing custom orthotics for 20 years.

Re: Inserts - Anyone Heard of This Before/Doctor's Opinion

Tina H on 4/07/05 at 16:34 (172788)

$490 for something that is not even molded to your feet is highway robbery. You can get custom molded orthotics for around $300-$350. Search on this site as others have asked the same questions and I think Richard or some of the doctors have responded to this before.