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Posted by JADO H on 4/08/05 at 08:19 (172819)

Has anyone recently tried using an aircast?
Just wondering if it is beneficial and what you
think of it (Good or Bad)?



Re: Aircast

Terri on 4/08/05 at 17:48 (172855)

I've heard they can help and I would wear one except it seems to put a lot of stress on the opposite foot and then that one starts to hurt. But the foot that hurts the most always feels better when I put it on. I have one from when I had ESWT. I wore it for 3 weeks afterwards.

Re: Aircast

Mar on 4/09/05 at 07:39 (172876)

I was in a cam walker for 5 days and it was the absolute worst treatment I used to try to get rid of PF, and I have used at least 20 different modes of treatment! The agony in both the foot with the cam and the one without was beyond description. I could not walk at all for several days afterwards, and it took weeks for the pain level to drop back to where it was. I was told an air cast is the same thing, although I don;t think that's true. Check it out carefully, and if the pain starts to increase, stop - dont keep pushing yourself. Mar