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Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Posted by Rose on 4/08/05 at 21:05 (172868)

I had open release PF surgery 21 months ago and it had finally become much much better. Suddenly, sveral months ago I started having pain on the bottom outside of the foot. When I saw my chiropractor for a regular appointment, he said my metarsal was out of joint. He cracked my foot and said it was back in. He basically said the whole right side is shot due to the foot. I continue having pain in the arch of the foot as well as on the outside. Is this common after having surgery so long ago? The arch burns and hurts even when sitting down. Could the outside pain be cuboid? I read on this site that it usually happens soon after surery. Also, the right ankle is quite painful and now the right hip (all the same side) is hurting every step I take. I welcome your comments.

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

john h on 4/09/05 at 10:23 (172887)

Rose: Dr Ed or Dr Z should weigh in on this as I have seen them post that following a PF release that you often develop pain on the outside of the foot. I would not settle on the Chiropractor's diagnosis as he is not a foot specialist and may not know the consequences of PF surgery or what adjustments to the foot following such surgery might do. You could be further damaging your foot. Go back to the Doctor who did your surgery or another Podiatrist.

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Rose on 4/09/05 at 18:33 (172897)

Thanks for the information

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Dr. Z on 4/09/05 at 19:02 (172900)

I agree. This is probaby due to the pf release and you are now place weight on the foot as it functions. Did the manipulation help you?
Some times the cuboid joint becomes out of place

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Rose on 4/09/05 at 20:33 (172904)

Yes, it helped for about a week and then was sore again. Any suggestions as to how I might help this?

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Liboralis on 4/10/05 at 06:41 (172909)

I would get some orthotics, that are done correctly and also wear good supportive shoes. You have compromised some of the atructural integrity of your foot. Imagine that you knocked a few cinderblocks from the foundation under your house. You need to have that support back to maintain the integrity.

What did the surgeon that performed the release tell you when they counciled you on foot orthotics and shoes? I would also like to know how one 'pops' the cuboid back in. I have heard of some chiros tell patients they are resetting subluxed bones and I am not sure I buy that.

I know sometimes an aggressive foot massage or even hard manipulation may feel good but how does it actually 're-position' a mal-aligned bone?

Re: Cuboid? Dislocated toes??

Rose on 4/10/05 at 11:56 (172913)

The doctor , (chiropractor) told me that the metatarsal bone was out of joint. He was a little surprised because he sees me regularly and it had never actually been out of joint before. He manipulated it, it sort of popped and it hurt a lot when he did it. Later it felt better.
The surgeon recommended good shoes like New Balance with the roll bar, which I have been wearing with my custom made ortotics. I tried the Power Step orthotics and now use them as they feel much better. I suppose I should go and have some new ones made since the surgery. I am just not sure where to go or which method might be the best.
In the last 6 months I went to an orthopedic shoe store and ended up getting Brooks shoes, which have given me so much more support than the New Balance. So I do have some really good shoes. I also got some Drew othopedic shoes for dress, and they do well for a while when I need to dress up. They are the Mary Jane style and look quite nice with a dress and the orthotics fit into them nicely.
I also get deep tissue theraputic massage of the foot about every two months. It seems to help.
This chiropractor is a friend and we do social things occasionally with his famly. I now he is being very straight with me and is doing all he can to help me. He gives me much more time than his regular patients and we have tired many things. He basically has told me in a very loving way, that the foot is 'shot' and that is leading to the additional pain and now pain in my ankle and knee and now hip on the same side.
So I will keep searching and I know he will continue to help me. I probably should go back and see the surgeon, since I have not gone there with this specific pain. He is also very helpful and I know he will do whatever is necessary. When the pain in the ankle stated he immediately sent me for the nerve conduction test to rule out anything like TTS.
Thank you for the comments and I welcome any additional comments.