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Cubiod? Dislocated toes?

Posted by Rose on 4/09/05 at 18:34 (172898)

I had open release PF surgery 21 months ago and it had finally become much much better. Suddenly, sveral months ago I started having pain on the bottom outside of the foot. When I saw my chiropractor for a regular appointment, he said my metarsal was out of joint. He cracked my foot and said it was back in. He basically said the whole right side is shot due to the foot. I continue having pain in the arch of the foot as well as on the outside. Is this common after having surgery so long ago? The arch burns and hurts even when sitting down. Could the outside pain be cuboid? I read on this site that it usually happens soon after surery. Also, the right ankle is quite painful and now the right hip (all the same side) is hurting every step I take. I welcome your comments