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Posted by jeannie on 4/10/05 at 13:21 (172918)

does anyone know wether it is feasible to be able to do pilates after partial epf surgery? It is mostly done lying down but you are barefoot and a little of it is standing up. It is all stretching but does anyone know if o.k.

Re: pilates

JB1947 on 4/10/05 at 17:33 (172929)

I ruptured my R plantar fascia (like a partial epf) approx. one year ago and was doing Pilates before and it has only been lately that I am feeling comfortable doing Pilates once a week. I ALWAYS wear my ORTHOTICS and SUPPORT TENIS SHOES doing Pilates because you do stand at times and stretch the plantar fascia in a non supporting position. Just tell the instuctor you CANNOT GO BAREFOOT!!! Try to keep your foot in a flexed position as if it was in a night splint when you are doing those stretches on the floor....your foot will be less sore.