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question for april

Posted by jeannie on 4/10/05 at 13:39 (172920)

what about you april. Can you ever wear sandles again at least for a short time? If you went to a wedding what do you wear on your feet? Do you wear sandles in the shower or are you o.k. Thanks for answering

Re: question for april

JB1947 on 4/10/05 at 17:50 (172931)

I ALWAYS wear my waterproof birkenstock sandles in the shower for support.

For weddings or fancy occasions find a shoe that will accommodate your orthotics. This past holiday, I bought a fancy pair of birkenstocks that are made of a silver/glittery material that have sorta big rhinestones on the buckle area....I got lot's of compliments. 8-)They also come in a black patent. Birkenstocks do make a smart type of Mary Jane shoe. At least this is what I have found that works for me.


Re: question for april

april on 4/10/05 at 18:20 (172933)

I wear any shoes, sandals, and go barefoot when I'm in my house. The only time I wear anything 'special' is at work. I wear Spenco orthotics in my work shoes along with a wedge in the heel that lifts the heel a bit. It took about 10 months, but after surgery my feet feel completely normal.