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Runing or Cross Training Shoes??

Posted by Rose on 4/10/05 at 18:01 (172932)

I had open release PF surgery almost 2 years ago and am now able to do very light senior aerobics. I have been wearing the New Balance 1122 and now the Brooks Addiction Walking Shoes. What type of shoe do you reconnend as the best for someone who has had the surgery? One that I cold also use for light exercise. There is still some pain if I am on my feet much and new pain on the outside of the foot, probably the cuboid. This cuboid pain is new in the last several months. My heal burns right where the incision was much of the time as well as the arch, but not severe unless I am on my feet much.
One more question....I still have the old hard orthotics I got about 3 years ago, but have lately been using the Power Steps. Do you recommend I get some new orthotics? Which type?
Thank you very much to everyone for your help and suggestions.

Re: Runing or Cross Training Shoes??

Dave on 4/11/05 at 19:13 (173002)

The NB 1122's are a great shoe, maybe the best running shoe for overpronaters on the market. They should do fine for your exercise.

Regarding orthotics, I found that for me, of the shelf Biosole Gel orthotics work for me best. For you, use whatever feels best.

good luck