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New Balance + cause of Heel spur?

Posted by James_et on 4/10/05 at 22:16 (172940)

I just got back the results of my x-ray and I have a heel spur.
I should mention that I have flat feet.

I first encountered the symptoms about 2 years ago while breaking in my new tennis shoes - New Balance 800.

I didn't think it was the shoes then, only that I might have injured my foot while playing tennis.

Shortly after the injury my daughter was born and I basically did not play tennis for quite some time. The pain in my heel went away.

After 6 months I began to play tennis regularly and didn't have issues with my feet.

Now after 2 years from the first encounter of the heel pain, I had to replace my New Balance 800's with a new pair since the 800's were worn out (New Balance shoes do last a long time).

I replaced them with the newer model, New Balance 802.
They basically feel the same as the 800's.

After 2 times out playing tennis, the heel pain came back.

I continued to play another 2 more times and the pain got worse.
I decided this time I should have it checked out and the results were a x-ray with the bone spur.

So, after my long winded history, my question for anyone who is still listening.

Do you think in my case, the shoes have caused/contributed to the heel spur?
I have read through out this board that the New Balance 800, 801's are excellent shoes and can help relieve the pain.

I have also read on this website that one of the major causes to heel spurs is the use of non-flexible shoes, non broken in shoes. The New Balance 800, 801, 802 series shoes are known for their stability and stiffness. Could this have contributed to the heel spur??

I am thinking about switching to a softer shoe that has a more broken-in feel. Would anyone recommend or not recommend this.
I will continue to try and give this as much rest, ice and stretch as needed.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Re: New Balance + cause of Heel spur?

Terri on 4/11/05 at 09:13 (172949)

My feet are very sensitive to shoes. The slightest difference I can tell. I have one pair of New Balance 991's in white and one in gray and although the sales person did not beleive me I could tell a difference as the gray ones are slightly different even though they are both 991's. I have a somewhat flat left foot and that is the foot I have the problem in.

Re: New Balance + cause of Heel spur?

Richard, C.Ped on 4/11/05 at 10:10 (172950)

The higher number New Balance are the ones to stick with. The shoe should not bend in the middle, it should only bend at the ball of the foot where the foot bends naturally. The main method that will help heal the plantar fasciitis is to support the fascia to keep it from stretching. Shoes are shoes. I sell a high dollar Brooks shoe. It is flat on the inside. The fascia must be supported to promote healing.

Re: New Balance + cause of Heel spur?

John H on 4/11/05 at 10:14 (172951)

Outwardly the shoes may appear to last a long time but the real problem is what you do not see. Most articles I read indicate replace the shoes at around 500 miles if you are a runner. I do not know how much tennis you play but you may be wearing shoes that have broken down internally and not giving you the support you need.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Terri on 4/11/05 at 17:11 (172999)

Do you have any idea why some people with PF do not heal despite doing everything recommended for 12 months or more? Is there some reason why a person's fascia ligment would continue to be inflammed even though they are not exercising, not wearing bad shoes, are wearing orthotics, sitting 80% of the time, and even had ESWT? Just wondering...
Thank you

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Richard, C.Ped on 4/12/05 at 08:30 (173020)

To be honest, I really do not know. There may be an underlying condition that is causing the pain. I think around 80% - 85% of the patients we see have PF. Many will have the pain go away almost instantly. Other have taken between two to six weeks for the pain to go away.

I know for a fact that the orthosis has to be made correctly. The bad thing is, not everyone can make an orthosis correctly.

Take a hard look at your daily activities. How do you sit the 80% of the time? Foot extended or flexed (toes pointing up or down)? Legs in front of you or at a 90 degree angle?

Here is an example, I have had a touch of tendonitis in my right elbow since December. I narrowed it down to how I had my mouse set up on my computer. My arm was overstretched and I didn't know it. I keep the mouse closer and the pain is finally going away.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

elliott on 4/12/05 at 08:38 (173024)

Richard, did you say tendinitis in your elbow? Forget about a mouse adjustment. Wouldn't it be easier to just get ESWT treatment for a cool 3 grand, wait a year and show improvement? :-)

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

John H on 4/12/05 at 10:58 (173036)

Richard: When I sit on a bar stool in a bar my feet are on the bar rail with toes pointed down or up depending on the height of the rail. My neck is bent up as I watch the baseball game or football game. I keep my elbow at a 90 degree angle as i chug the Heiniken in a frosty mug so as not to get tendonitis. Sometimes my Birk sandals fall off if a big play occurs and I get excited or even if a cool looking lady walks through the door and I see her in the mirror behind the bar and have to turn around. Bar protocol is most important. My feet hurt less the longer I sit at the bar.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

John H on 4/12/05 at 11:17 (173039)

Terri there is no way of being absolutely certain what your pain generator is. PF type pain can be caused by multiple things which may or may not be an inflamed fascia. Even among Doctors there is some disagreement as to how to treat PF and the underlying cause of pain. Some Doctors think the pain often results from pressure on the Baxter Nerve. Other disagree with this. Until one can definitively define the source of your pain then it is a shot in the dark when they perform a treatment. You could have referred pain from your back, tarsal tunnel, inlammed fascia, pressure on the Baxter Nerve and various other sources. If I were to rename PF I would call it PF Syndrome.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Richard, C.Ped on 4/12/05 at 11:28 (173041)

Me...pay for ESWT??? I don't think so. I am the coolest C.Ped in the world remember??? Pay for a treatment??? Please. They would treat me for free just to get my much respected endorsement.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Richard, C.Ped on 4/12/05 at 11:31 (173044)

sorry John, I am not trained to provide a custom butt orthosis due to bar stool stress and overuse...haha.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

elliott on 4/12/05 at 11:33 (173045)

John H:

You chug Heineken in a frosty mug so as not to get tendonitis? Gimme a six-pack! :-)

I remember when Johhny Carson had Jimmy Buffett (Margaritaville) as a guest on the Tonight Show. Buffett limps in slowly with a cast on his foot, and something like the following dialog takes place:

Carson: 'Hey, Jimmy, what happened?'

Buffett: 'Well, I went into this bar, and, you see...'

C: 'Wow, that must have been some tough bar.'

B: 'Well, actually, I slipped off a barstool and broke my foot.'


Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Dr. Z on 4/12/05 at 17:50 (173080)

It would be funny but what your are saying is just stupid. How about give up running instead of getting bilateral TTS release.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Dr. Z on 4/12/05 at 17:51 (173081)

I will re set the ESWT machine just telling me when your mouse is comming

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

john h on 4/12/05 at 18:42 (173087)

My buddy actually did fall off a barstool in an English pub in London and broke his leg. He was grounded for nearly 6 months. Must have been that warm beer.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

elliott on 4/12/05 at 20:18 (173094)

Dr. Z, my post was funny and taken that way. Yours sounds intentionally nasty and taken that way.

Re: Question for Richard, C.Ped

Dr. Z on 4/12/05 at 21:47 (173102)

Hey ESWT patient just wait a year cause you are throwing out a cool three thousand bucko's and your feet are going to get better. I repeat it would be funny if it wouldn't just plain stupid.
What stat did you use that shows your post is funny. Is there a control, did someone do a multiple center study on your humor.
Looks to me like you think you are funny and have declared yourself funny.
Hey I can say if something were stupid, funny or not. Just my opinion. You can always get a second opinion. I must be bored tonite but I couldn't let your subtle hidden agressiveness pass by .