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please doctors, answer my question

Posted by candice on 4/11/05 at 16:13 (172994)

When the surgeron did a bilateral endoscopic plantar fasiotomy should he have removed the large heel spurs that are on my heels?

Re: please doctors, answer my question

Dr. Z on 4/11/05 at 20:53 (173007)

When the classical EPF is performed the spur isn't removed or does it need to be removed

Re: please doctors, answer my question

Dr Ben Pearl on 4/12/05 at 07:01 (173016)

not for that surgery

Re: please doctors, answer my question

odette t on 4/12/05 at 08:36 (173022)

i had surgery on my foot i had a broken bone removed and my joints sanded down and my cut is still not heeled its draning green and yellow its still swollen and i was in a walking boot for a month and i'm not doing physical theripy and i really bon't know what to do any more because he took me out the boot an said not to wear and shoes that touch it so please help me
odette t

Re: please doctors, answer my question

Mickey on 4/12/05 at 13:26 (173053)

I have severe pain in my left foot, ankle, and achelies tendon, I have had injections, anti-inflamatories, casts , the boot, they said I need to have surgery. Is that a good idea, i can not stand the pain and it is really effecting my life in a negative way! They said I should do the
ESWT. Does it work, what is the recovery time any opinion please


Re: please doctors, answer my question

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/12/05 at 21:06 (173098)

ESWT works very well in the majority of cases -- about 85% of the time. There is virtually no downside to the procedure. One day of rest is required for recovery although the procedure needs about 12 plus weeks to work (surgery often takes longer).