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Electric Foot Messager

Posted by elvis on 4/11/05 at 22:40 (173012)

Does anyone know what the risks and/or benefits of using an elctric foot messager are? When I started doing marathons in 2001 my Mom bought me a Brookstone foot messager which has plastic balls that rotate underneath a felt cover. It used to feel really good before the pf got chronic and more sensitive. I haven't tried if for a while but decided to today. It felt pretty good while I used it this afternoon. Now my foot is a little bit more tender than usual. Will deep/hard message like this break up scar tissue and aid in the healing process? Should I ice my foot after the message?

I did a website search and really didn't find uselful information.

Re: Electric Foot Messager

Terri on 4/12/05 at 11:33 (173046)

I tried one of those and my foot hurt a lot later. Real sore right in the arch area.