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Plantar Fasiitus or?

Posted by onely on 4/13/05 at 14:04 (173135)


I hurt my back 5 years ago in a twisting accident. At that time the ball off my foot, right up by my toes were a bit sore and the toes were tingling a bit. The Dr's did not seem to think it was related to my back injury.

Over the last 5 years it would hurt alot for a very short period of time ..maybe 10 minutes and then it would go away. This past 2 months it has not gone away and is getting worse and worse. I went to the DR. he thought it was plantar fasiitus. Everything I read about this condition does not sound like it is anything like the pain in the very top ofthe ball of my foot, shooting into my 3 middle toes. I really need to see someone familar with this problem but he has been my Dr for a very long time. What do you think? Could it be plantar fasiitus? Thank you.

Re: Plantar Fasiitus or?

Dr. Zuckerman on 4/14/05 at 18:46 (173218)

Could be a neuroma or Tarsal tunnel syndrome. Read about these on this site or search the web.