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"Lost" - not me - the program

Posted by Kathy G on 4/14/05 at 08:47 (173165)

I set the VCR to tape 'Lost' last night and I set it on the wrong station. When I went to TV Guide's website, it said it was a repeat. Does anyone know if it was? None of my friends watch it.

I was looking to see if they might be rerunning it as some networks rerun shows on Friday nights.

Re: "Lost" - not me - the program

JudyS on 4/14/05 at 09:25 (173166)

Yes Kathy - it was a rerun. It was the one where Locke was teaching the youngster Walt to throw knives and the boy's father became angry and told Locke to stay away from the boy.

Re: "Lost" - not me - the program

JudyS on 4/14/05 at 09:28 (173167)

I should have mentioned, Kathy, that I missed Lost a couple of weeks ago - the one with the small plane. Not one single person in my life including me) taped it!

Re: "Lost" - not me - the program

John H on 4/14/05 at 09:45 (173169)

Judy: I can write the script for you as I am totally caught up in the show. Last night was a rerun I had missed (the polar bear) so I bet in time it will show up as a replay.

Re: "Lost" - not me - the program

Kathy G on 4/15/05 at 08:58 (173241)

I am SO glad it was a rerun because they kept advertising it as something pivotal to do with Locke and I was so careful to set the VCR a few minutes early in case the show started before 8PM. Some of the more popular shows on TV are now starting at three minutes before the hour or some odd time. I saw an article about it but it didn't explain why this isn't self-defeating as I view it to be. Anyway, I did all that and then set the wrong station! :(

If you go to http://www.imdb.com/et and type in Lost, Judy, it will give you all kinds of information about the show and a link to their official website where there's a synopsis of each episode. ImDb is one of my favorite websites. It also has a link to another of my favorite sites, http://www.Rottentomatoes.com . That's a great site to give you an overview of what critics think of movies.

Re: "Lost" - not me - the program - Correction

Kathy G on 4/15/05 at 09:00 (173242)

The internet movie database website is http://www.imdb.com . I don't know how I got that slash et in there!