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The Food Channel & Paula Deen

Posted by Kathy in Ky on 4/14/05 at 17:00 (173212)

(For those of you who watch the cooking shows, you know the wonderful lady I am talking about) A group of my co-workers drove about 70 miles after school yesterday to buy her cookbook & have it signed at Joseph-Beth. The bookstore was expecting 300, instead over 1000 showed up & needless to say we didn't get our books signed. But she was just as funny & gracious in person as on her show, she actually had tears in her eyes when she walked into the large crowd because it was her largest turnout for a signing. My feet were killing me after standing for about an hour but it was worth the try. I really want to go back next week to have Silas House sign a book but my feet are screaming no way!

Re: The Food Channel & Paula Deen

cindyp on 4/14/05 at 17:57 (173215)

She was in Louisville KY today. Sorry I missed her but boy howdy she can cook. YUMMY.

Re: The Food Channel & Paula Deen

John H on 4/15/05 at 11:07 (173248)

MY wife watches Paula Deen all the time. She lives in Albany, Ga. where we lived for 4 years. Paula recently married. She can sure make me hungary in a hurry. Did you see here when she visited President Carter?

Re: The Food Channel & Paula Deen

cindyp on 4/16/05 at 12:45 (173301)

I saw that and the peach pie crying in my kleenex for some of that

Re: The Food Channel & Paula Deen

n/a on 6/25/05 at 22:33 (177321)

Paula was born and raised in Albany, but has lived in Savannah, where their restaurants are located, for 15 to 20 years now.

Re: The Food Channel & Paula Deen

John H on 6/27/05 at 11:36 (177365)

A good friend of mine was in Savannah a few weeks ago and went to Paula's restaurant. She said there was a large line to even get in. She went to a a window or shop in the restaurant and bought some special dough which she mailed to us and from which we made biscuits. We lived in Albany from 1960-1963 so I guess Paula was around there somewhere but probably was a teen. I wonder if they even take reservations at her restaurants? I think her new husband is a tug boat capt.