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Aggravating this condition

Posted by KP on 4/15/05 at 06:45 (173233)

Hello all - I've been dealing with PF for about a month now and am trying to find out what works for me. I'm 26 and very healthy, so I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. I just read on one of the postings that this is a problem with the central nervous system/stress. Is there truth to this? I've always had stress in my life and find I constantly feel a bit on edgue. I think one of the biggest problems is I'm so worried about this getting worse I may be exacerbating it! Although I do know that a lot of this is NOT in my head. I was expereincing pain in my arches and just YESTERDAY it has moved to my heels. It's now there when I walk. Any thoughts on what's mentioned???

Re: Aggravating this condition

Terri on 4/15/05 at 08:25 (173237)

I've had it so bad I can hardly work it hurts so much and I sit at a desk all day. I wondered if it was all in my head, if I was going nuts or If I had some sort of serious medical conditon but all the tests have come up negative for everything. I have tried all the treatments including ESTW and it did not help ( although I do think ESTW is worth a try ).I had been on Bextra everyday until they withdrew it from the market and I ran out of it. My PF symptoms change daily so if yours has moved from your arches to your heels it is not surprising. What seems to help me the most is staying off my feet so if you have friends or relatives that can help you out with things such as grocey shopping I would try not to feel guilty getting them to help if they are able. The important thing is to not push it. I wish I had done things differently a long time ago ( like taking 3 miles walks when it was hurting ). Best of luck.

Re: Aggravating this condition

KP on 4/15/05 at 09:16 (173243)

Thank you for your comments Terri. It seems like really staying off it and giving it the chance to relax is the best thing to do. I will say this, I have decided to leave London. I'm just not feeling like I can manage in this agro-walking city and heal my heels. :) I just spoke to my boss and already and I am feeling better about the situation. I'm 26 and I have a lot of walking to do :) A ray of light in this situation: I will take your advice and not walk three mile when it hurts. Although you cannot turn back time, your advice will help others from making the same mistakes. I will keep you posted - staying strong and optimistic!

Re: Aggravating this condition

Mar on 4/16/05 at 06:39 (173293)

Terri -

Don't beat yourself up about the past. I did EVERYTHING I was supposed to and followed every doctor's order to the T, even putting on my sneakers and orthotics at night to walk to the bathroom, and my PF did not get better. I do agree that REST is the key to avoiding pain though and hopefully will help most others to heal. Good luck to you. Mar