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TTS, PF and bursitis

Posted by Sarah on 4/15/05 at 22:26 (173285)

Just wondering if anyone has dealt with the combination of these three injuries. After training for a triathlon last summer, I developed severe pain in the arch of one of my feet. Not long afterward, the other foot started to hurt in the same place. The first Dr I saw (an orthopedic) told me I had PF and gave me stretches to do. A few months of stretchs and I felt like my feet were worse so I found a new Dr (a podiatrist). He told me that I had bursitis and TTS as well as PF. He said it was the result of overpronation and gave me custom orthotics. Almost 3 months later and no relief. I just went back to my pod and he referred me to a neurologist for the NCV/EMG test thinking that the TTS is the worst of the 3. He said the next step, based on my test results, will be medication or surgery. I would rather not have to do either but am eager to be able to start running again. I am frustrated because he has not told me what I can be doing to help myself in the meantime. Stretches for the PF seem to aggravate the TTS. I just don't know what else to do. I don't know if the biking I have been doing all winter is also making things worse. My calves are incredibly tight and I wonder if that is part of the problem. Anyone have any recommendations? Anyone have any success through massage therapy? Accupuncture? Chiropracty? I am willing to try just about anything!

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Amy on 4/16/05 at 09:31 (173295)

Hi Sarah -

Your story sounds similar to mine - I have run the gamut of physicians, orthotics, etc. Have been diagnosed with PF, tenosynovitis, and finally TTS in both feet. Two orthopedics want to operate - I'm not ready for that yet. Like you, I am a runner, triathlete, active person - and this is driving me nuts. I tried accupuncture - didn't seem to help. Have had two sessions of ART - with a chiropractor and am contemplating more - can't tell if it is helping or not. I am seeing a neurologist this week who thinks he can help me, hopefully without surgery. My NCT/EMG was negative and the neurologist thinks the nerves are 'irritated' - the orthopedic seems to think there is still tarsal tunnel, which I suppose could be true. Anyway, I wanted to reply because we seem to have things in common and are eqully frustrated! (I'm tired of doing pilates....) Take care -

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Ann on 4/21/05 at 20:34 (173522)

Hey Sarah!
I've dealt/dealing with PF, bursitis, and Baxter's nerve entrappment.
Been dealing with it since July of 2003. I've also been riding my bike and working out on the efx machine in place of running and tennis. I used to be a 'sprint' series tri-athelete, and play competitive tennis, BUT my heel pain has put a halt to all that. In response to your questions, my calves are very tight too. Dr. sent me to physical therapy. Did not have good results. I have often wondered too if the biking and doing the efx machine have
worsened my pain. I asked the Dr. if these exercises were ok. He said they were. Somehow, I feel he sees me riding around the block and coasting along with my legs hanging out. 'NOT!' And I don't tell him that I ride 16 to 24 miles at a time. I guess that I am afraid that he will say stop. I'm sure you are putting in mileage and are not coasting either. Am I right?
I know when I have to stand to go up hills on my bike, I really feel the pull in my foot. So I try to go easy. Where is your bursitis? On your achilles or on the bottom of your heel? Mine is on the bottom of my heel. Not much anyone can do for this, I hear.
:-) I feel like I've found a sister! Let me know how you are coping.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Amy on 4/22/05 at 10:26 (173534)

Hi Ann -

What are they giving you for options of treating your injuries? Also, does biking aggravate your Baxters nerve entrapment? I've been afraid to use my new road bike for fear of making it worse!! Like you, I was just getting into the sprint triathlons when this happened. Glad to have found some similar stories on the board.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Sarah on 4/22/05 at 22:20 (173561)

Amy and Ann, Glad to know there are others out there that understand, though it is discouraging to hear that you both have been dealing with it so long and have found no relief. To answer your question Ann, the bursitis is on the bottom of my heal. Yes, when I bike I do at least 15 miles and lots of sprints. (I definately became addicted to the endorphins after triathlon training.) I have come to the conclusion that the biking is probably not making it worse becaue I haven't been on my bike in almost a month and the pain is no better. I spent a week on a sailboat recently, and therefore was pretty much completely off my feet. My feet felt so much better! It only took a couple hours of being back on land and on my feet for the pain to return. It was terrible - I didn't realize how bad it had gotten until I had experienced a week of relief. So obviously, the only immediate answer is to be completely off my feet which is not possible as I am a teacher and would go absolutely nuts if I couldn't be active. Well, I'm babbling, but it's good to talk about it to people who understand. Let me know how the ART is progressing, I am curious about it. In the mean time, good luck to you both.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Rachel G on 4/23/05 at 21:08 (173609)

These are all the same symptoms that I have been having for the past 9 months. The samething happened with the pod. then the ortho. then the neuro.= TTS. That is finally how I ended up. The only thing that makes my feet completely pain free is not using them by lying down, sleeping. I was never an athlete so to say after high school so I don't know about the exercizing but I could not imagin the pain that it would cause. I was a waitress when my TTS began, on my feet 12 hours + 6 days a week. I just want a cure for this problem. It is more frustrating then anything. It even has gone as far a effecting my sex life :) Any new cures or healings or helpings let me know.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Amy on 4/29/05 at 14:34 (173932)

Hey ladies -

A couple of questions -

1. Did you all have positive nerve conduction studies? I have had two nerve studies - both negative, but doc says that baxters may not show up.

2. What is your 'treatment plan', so to speak? Obviously my orthopedic wants to operate. My neurologist says wait and see, nerves may just be 'irritated'. I am at a loss, I don't know what to do. I just know I want my life back....

3. What helps you the most with pain relief? For me, ice is always good. Rest, too - that's a little hard with a 3 and a 1 year old.

4. What shoes do you find best? Right now my favorites are keens with a small heel and no pressure on the arch area. I don't think I've even worn sneakers in a month - too aggravating. If its cold, danskos - but those are irritating too after a while.

Just thought I'd pick your brains a little. I'm having a 'why not just have surgery day' today and am feeling a little depressed!


Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Robert M. on 5/02/05 at 21:11 (174137)

You sound like a really cool, active person.... First, my story... (34yr. old male) I, like you, am an athlete, three years ago, due to training to extremes for long distance races, I developed bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome,(left foot pain quite sporty, right foot irritating). Due to all the running, I had a nerve tumor in the arch of my left foot which started growing, and had to be removed(Mar. '04)....2 weeks after surgery, my best friend passed away unexpectedly of a congenital heart defect. Due to trying to stay in somewhat decent shape, and having only been able to do upper body exer. and no cardio, and no swimming, I developed ulnar nerve dysfunction,(funny bone nerve) bilateraly (similar to carpal tunnel).......Having been in a DARK pit, and clawed my way to the daylight again, here is what has helped me.... Step back, relax, and evaluate the situation, DO NOT OVERTRAIN & make it worse.... Focus on what you HAVE, instead of what you do not... Love the little things in life. My injuries have forced me to slow down, and focus on what is TRULY important...family, friends, and my relationship with The Lord. Get a professional pair of orthotics made...I could not walk without them. A product called CT Cream has helped me,(get it online). Ice for 5 min. at night, then, warm water epsom salt baths. I have been using an herbal supplement called Boswellia, for inflamation, and it seems to help. Birkenstocks feel good, at night... Most of all, chill out, relax, and think of your pain as a learning experience you can use to help someone else.... The Lord will help you if you ask. Give me a shout if I Can be of any help (205)602-2959
May God Bless You

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Suzy D on 5/03/05 at 08:59 (174156)

Hi Robert,
Read your post and can identify with your 'learning experience.' I have been battling foot and leg pain-like yours went bilateral. So far I have been dxed with TTS, PF, RSD, PN, but no tests are ever conclusive. The pain has gotten a lot worse, and the meds I take do little to alleviate the pain. I'll try some of your suggestions. Thanks for the share. Like you, I exercised daily and exercised hard-too hard for my little body, I guess. So, yes, this is the consequense. You have a wonderful outlook and made me step back and think about what I need to do next. Trying to live the same life, prior to pain,just causes the pain to intensify. Learing to accept my limits is the hardest thing for me to do. I'm trying. Thanks again. Suzy


Suzy D on 5/03/05 at 09:01 (174157)

What is CT Cream and where did you get it? Suzy

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Sarah on 5/05/05 at 16:54 (174319)

Amy, I just saw the neurologist today and the results were negative. He felt that surgery was not as pressing as a result. I go back to my podiatrist next week to discuss my treatment options. Thus far, the only treatment he has recommended is the orthotics we have only helped minimally. For pain, I ice and sometimes do contrats baths with hot and cold. The heat feels pretty good. Rest only helps when my feet are elevated. I find minimal relief from anit-inflammatories like Aleve, so I generally don't take them (I try to stay away from medication in general). I have been spending time each night trying to massage my calves, which are incredibly tight, but so far that has not impacted the pain in my feet. I find it interesting that you prefer shoes with a heel. Even a small heel agravates my symptoms. I wear sneakers, or leather Merrel slip-ons, always with my orthotics. Around the house I wear a cheap version of birkenstocks without my orthotics. I will let you know what my pod recommends next week. In the meantime I am trying to do my best to stay positive but it's not always easy.


Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

Ann on 6/15/05 at 23:00 (176916)

Hey guys and girls!
Well, I finally did it! Had the surgery to release the PF and TTS . I'm 5 wks. post-op. Not feeling like getting back on the tennis courts or running yet, but have been riding my road bike, even with the cast. The foot is hopefully, on it's way to getting better. I am experiencing some arch pain pain and numbness in my 4th toe. When it gets bad, I go sit down for awhile. I've read the posts and this seems characteristic of the surgery. Too early to tell if I'll be back to running soon. Really miss the tennis, but don't want to mess
up the foot by getting back too early. Dr. says maybe in August, I can resume running or
I am a teacher also, and have to be ready to go back in August. Those hard floors are killers!

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

denise h on 7/23/05 at 16:23 (178935)

can you tell me about the surgery? did you stay in the hospital or was it outpatient? how long was it?just some information would help im suppose to have it next week.

Re: TTS, PF and bursitis

kelly d on 1/07/06 at 10:25 (190972)

In third week of my recovery. How did you feel after staples removed...able to walk ,etc ? I also had tendon cut for plantar fasciatis at the same time so I had four total incisions. Thanks