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Posted by ejack on 4/17/05 at 14:27 (173334)

Has anyone tried Prolotherapy for PF? I've tried everything and wonder if this is worth a shot because right now i am hopeless. Thank you

Re: Prolotherapy???

Linda on 4/17/05 at 18:42 (173344)

Ejack what do you mean by hopeless?? Linda

Re: Prolotherapy???

john h on 4/17/05 at 21:31 (173356)

It has been discussed many times on this board ejack. I do not recall anyone on the board having the procedure. I talked to a clinic in Chicago that did this procedure and it was super expensive. As I recall you could easily get a couple of Ossatron treatments for the cost of this procedure. Afer reading several articles I remain very skeptical but do your own research. I think the Doctor who invented the procedure also wrote a book. Check out Barnes & Noble. I think I threw it away or I would send it to you. Go to http://www.prolotherapy.com/prolodefine.htm

Re: Prolotherapy???

BrianG on 4/18/05 at 20:58 (173385)

I had it, Ejack. I should have realized something was wrong when I had to spend $5-10, just to get a photo copy of the doctors who had been trained in my area! Anyways, if you like big old needles, getting shoved into the area that hurts the most, go for it. The doc's are putting a variety of 'stuff into the syringe. I think I had salt water. Some lucky folks get sugar water, and the really lucky ones get pummice! Now that your heel is good and injured, your body will send all of it's healing messages to that area, and you'll be healed in a matter of weeks. Not! There have been numerous posters over the years who had it, none with PF were cured. It 'may' work better on tendons, but even that is debatable.

Save your money

Re: Prolotherapy???

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/18/05 at 22:33 (173387)

Prolotherapy is still controversial but even an advocate of prolotherapy would be unlikey to use it for PF. Prolotherapy, presumably, is used to tighten ligaments around joints. We are generally trying to 'loosen' the plantar fascia.

Please read Scott's Heel Pain Book on this site as I beleive you will find valuable things in that book that you have not tried.