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Achillies Tendon

Posted by Kathy R. on 4/17/05 at 14:48 (173336)

Hi, I'm Kathy. A short synopsis of my problem. In May 2000 I hurt my foot badly. I went to the ER at our hospital by my doctor's orders over the phone. They had taken x-rays there and said I had a sprain and put on an air cast and said to follow up with an Orthopedic Surgeon. I did, he sent me to Physical Therapy, big mistake. The Physical Therapist said there was something more wrong then a sprain. I went back the the OS and he sent me for an MRI, I might add that he never looked at my x-rays, it so happened that I had a complete rupture of my achillies tendon. He did surgery and there was only a thread left of a muscle to hook on the tendon. I had a cast on for 6 weeks. I felt there was something wrong inside the cast, I had an infection. How I know that is I went to the OS and his nurse cut into the cast, she said the saw wouldn't cut skin, well it did, she saw what she had done and hurried up and patched the cast. She never mentioned to the doctor what she had done. My sister was with me and she told the doctor, he said or did nothing to remedy the problem. After several visits with this so-called doctor he was getting nervous, to put more pressure him, my sister asked him about a second opinion and he stammered, so she put more flame on the fire and asked about another MRI. He said he would set up another appointment with some other doctor. Big Whoop!!!! He never would tell me what the second MRI said. I saw several doctors, OS, Podiatrist, Pain Management. Nobody would do anything. I have a huge haglunds bump that is now getting 2 smaller bumps on them. I have no feeling in the bottom of my foot and the pain I do have is clear up to my butt. This is my left foot and leg. The only thing my first OS did was stick his a-- in my sisters face, that is the only way she knows what he looks like. Here is is almost 5 years later and I got a new PCP and he sent me for an MRI, The tech who did the MRI was so concerned he told me I have large masses on/in my achillies tendon and back of my leg before he gave me contrast, he said the doctor was very concerned about a mass in the back of my leg. They put me back in the machine for another 5 minutes and when they brought me out for good the tech told me that their concerns were founded. Please, please, can someone tell me exactly what these masses are? I need to know, I am scared that after this long it may be too late. Thank you.

Re: Achillies Tendon

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/18/05 at 22:44 (173390)

The most likely scenario this far down the line is that you have a ball of scar tissue at the area of achilles repair. If the amount of scar tissue is very large, it may need to be reduced surgically. If of moderate size, I would consider use of an enzyme that targets scar tissue:
hyaluronidase, given by injection into the scar tissue.

Re: Achillies Tendon

Kathy R. on 4/19/05 at 09:02 (173401)

Hi: I have had this huge Haglunds bump since 2000 after surgery, pt, and several doctors poking at it. My foot is so swollen that the top of it is shiny. Not one other OS or Podiatrist will touch it, it's like they all stick together here. The best OS we had moved to California and the rest of the doctors who remain where he was seem to have changed dramatically. They fight among themselves, the nurses are quitting. I and my family are scared of what might happen. There is a new OS in that area and I am hoping that I can see him since he isn't in the click. Dr. P who did the original 'surgery' won't even see me or give me my records. I know he has to give them to me, but he moved and his girls working for him just hang up when I try to get them. He has been sued a few times. I only wanted to see him again to see what he would say about my foot and leg. This is constant pain I have here. I can't stand or sit without it throbbing. Now the pain is up to my buttock. The lawyers wouldn't even take my case. These lawyers get on TV and WOW the BS, they don't do what they say, it's all hype. I have a nerve study tomorrow, maybe then I'll find out something. I really want to know what this mass could be after this long. Thanks for your help. P.S. One woman he did surgery on twice died of a blood clot that went to her heart, she died in front of her 8 year old daughter and in her husbands arms.

Re: Achillies Tendon

elliott on 4/19/05 at 11:09 (173405)

Kathy, surely you can find a good lawyer through family or friends; enough negligence seems to have happened to you that even a sue-averse person would agree you have a case. By law they have to give you your records. Step 1 would be to march in there with your lawyer and demand those records there on the spot and say you're not leaving without them, and no, you won't wait till they're mailed to you since they've been avoiding you by hanging up the phone, and no, you won't lower your voice--on the contrary, you'd like all the patients in the waiting room to hear the whole thing.

Re: Achillies Tendon

Dr. Zuckerman on 4/19/05 at 11:28 (173406)

Your lawyer should write to this office and request all of your medical records. Most states require a time period of 30 days. If there is no response by 30 days the State Board is contacted and the doctor has to face this regulatory board. The case would really look bad for this doctor if he doesn't cooperative with you or your lawyer. Great trial evidence for lack of caring.
So walking into the office and demanding won't help your case at all. They can refuse the medical records and have a period of time to mail them . The most important point is for you to write down a record of what is going on and to have you lawyer handle this
Footlaw.com is a service that Scott posts from time to time. I would recommend Dr. Larry Koback from this firm Honest, very smart and hard worker

Re: Achillies Tendon

Kathy R. on 4/19/05 at 15:06 (173415)

Hi: I don't have a lawyer, as I said before, not one single attorney would take my case. We tried feverishly for days, weeks, months, then the Statue of Limitations ran out. Now I'm in a pickle. This Dr. P that did the screw up isn't where he used to be. He messed up my sisters Rotator Cuff on both shoulders, honestly I got an infection when he did my carpal tunnel release back in 1992. My other sister wouldn't let him touch her for her carpal tunnel release on both of her hands. I really don't know what to do, I'm scared of what might happen. What kind of mass could this be? Is it curable? I can't even bend my foot, and the pain is up to my butt. The pain is constant as I mentioned before. Nothing helps. Thank you for all help.

Re: Achillies Tendon

Dr. Z on 4/20/05 at 14:16 (173454)

Another path to take is to get an attorney to sue your Attorney that wouldn't take the case. Why wouldn't they take your case if this appears to be obvious malpractice. One thing I do know is that you must have received a letter from the attorney's that won't take the case stating their opinion and your right to seek another opinion. Did you get such letter?