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Website for neurontin for low income

Posted by Margie on 4/17/05 at 17:31 (173340)


I have printed out this before and got neurontin from my family doctor prescription.
I been trying to get my SSDisability for almost 3 years with a lawyer, credit cards are maxed and all my IRA is gone. Depressing that this judges do not seem to know what TTS is and how limited one is who suffers from TTS and Chronic Nerve Pain. My surgeries were 5 yrs. ago and I am permanently disabled from it. I have tried everything there is out there and nothing seems to help. My dr. is trying me on a pain plan to help me live with it.
I had my surgeries after 2 1/2 years from suffering from TTS. It took the doctors too long to diagnose me.
Rachel G. If you read this and want to know of some websites about our conditions email me and I will send them to you.
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