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Heelspur healed thanks to the Cub

Posted by Damith on 4/17/05 at 19:02 (173345)

Dear Heelspurs.com,

I just wanted to let you know that I'm very grateful for your Website. I was in pain for several months because of my own fault. I have a wider foot but for dress shoes, I buy the regular suze and buy doing that has hurt my heel.

For several months, I was in pain until I found your site. Instead of going to an Orthopedic surgeon, I started doing stretches and purchased the Healwell Cub.

Within two weeks, the pain was gone. Of course, that is combination of stretching and not wearing those shoes anymore but the Cub worked wonders. By the second day, I thought it would be quick but actually I noticed improvements in the first week and then the second week it was gone.

Anyway, I just want to give the Healweel Cub a high recommendation!

- daa

Re: Heelspur healed thanks to the Cub

Hazel on 4/17/05 at 19:43 (173351)

Glad you are feeling better. What is the Heal Cub? I didn't see a listing for it in the products section of this sight.

Thanks for responding.


Re: it might be spam

Liboralis on 4/17/05 at 21:09 (173353)

am i right?

Re: it might be spam

Hazel on 4/18/05 at 16:43 (173373)

Believe it or not, I actually own the Healwell Cub. My podiatrist recommended it then ordered it for me. It's available on the internet and works by keeping the fascia slightly streched while you sleep. It made me a little hot so I didn't use it consistently. I did a Google search and as soon as I saw it, I noticed it as the one I own; which has been untouched for 2 months. Maybe I'll try it again.