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Post surgery - need advice

Posted by tlg on 4/18/05 at 11:18 (173364)

Last year I developed two problems with my left foot. First, I noticed heel pain. It started during a run. From descriptions of the symptoms of pf from my running friends, I thought this was probably what I had, although mine seemed to be more of a sharp heel pain. I saw my podiatrist and he seemed to believe that's what it was. An x-ray in fact showed a pretty large heel spur. I began treatment – all the usual – icing, stopped running altogether, stretching, night splint, orthodics, antiinflamatories – but none helped very much. During this time, I also began to have lateral foot pain. I had an MRI that indicated both pf and a tear of the peroneal tendon. My doctor believed I needed the peroneal tear surgically repaired. A second opinion from an orthopedic surgeon concluded the same.

At the end of December, I had surgery to repair the tendon and also to remove the heel spur. Maybe a mistake, but I was anxious to just get all my problems taken care of. Anyway, it's too late to change it now. So it's now been 3 ½ months. The tendon repair seems to be coming along okay, with a minor loss of range of motion. I'm back to swimming, cycling, working out at the gym on elliptical machines. But I still have a good deal of discomfort in the heel, even when just walking. Wearing shoes with lifted heels seems to help.

My doctor originally projected a 6-8 week recovery period, although my physical therapist later told me recover could be 6 months – I don't know what to think. My doctor doesn't seem to have a lot of good advice for me now…maybe another MRI to see if anything else is going on there, maybe resume physical therapy.. plus he's always suggesting a shot in the heel which I've resisted so far.

This is very frustrating and worrying. I really can't perceive any significant improvement over the last 4 or so weeks. Am I being impatient? How long should I wait before seeking another opinion or another doctor? If recovery really can take 6+ months, shouldn't there still be some noticeable gradual improvement over this time? Is there anything more I should be doing to assist my recovery?

Re: Post surgery - need advice

Dr. Zuckerman on 4/18/05 at 16:31 (173372)

Six month . Continue with physical therapy