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TT release

Posted by Andrea on 4/19/05 at 12:50 (173408)


I just had Tarsal Tunel surgery last week. I was wondering if anyone could give me information on the recovery time. My doctor told me I will be on crutches (no weight bearing) for 2 weeks. After that, I will begin to put some weight on my foot.
I have not had a lot of pain. I was wondering when I might be able to become active again. How long is the recovery time for TT release? Any infomration would be helpful!


Re: TT release

elliott on 4/19/05 at 13:04 (173409)

Andrea, for a standard TTS release (e.g., no accompanying bone or tendon repair), you could be walking normally in 3 weeks. Many doctors believe the earlier you're walking the better so as to avoid scar tissue issues. Sometimes things like major swelling occur (often in cases of ligated veins), and then recovery would be slower. If you're still in pain, take it slow.

How your nerves react is unpredictable. Can you tell a difference yet between pre- and post-op nerve pain?

Good luck in your recovery.


Re: TT release

Andrea on 4/19/05 at 13:51 (173410)


thank you for the info. I haven't yet noticed a huge difference as far as the pain, but the incision site is very tender and that's where some of the pain is. I think, once I can put weight on my foot i will be able to tell. But my pain is NOT worse than before surgery!
I'm wearing the boot and crutches of course. I haven't started PT yet (just had surgery last week) Do you know if it is a good thing to move your foot around a little ? My ankle and the bottom of my foot feels pretty stiff.

Re: TT release

elliott on 4/19/05 at 14:02 (173412)


I'd wait till the wrap comes off to move your foot around; for one thing, you don't want to pull on the stitches. By all means ask your doc if you're uncertain about something.


Re: TT release

chrisb on 4/19/05 at 20:42 (173429)

Andrea I had TTS surgery a year ago. My post-op problem was swelling -- had to keep the foot elevated for 3 weeks, and still had some edema problems up to 3 months afterwards. So I'd suggest be careful to keep it elevated as much as you can at this stage.

Re: TT release

Julie on 4/21/05 at 10:55 (173496)

Had my surgery on 2/18. I really have no complaints. You have got to go through the initial pain, etc. But it does get better with your determination.

My doc told me to move it on the first day (as much as I could move it in the splint). But not to put any pressure on it at all for 2-3 weeks. That is the hardest part. Crutching and getting around with food/drink/a book, etc are a trick.

After my 1 week follow up visit, I got the splint off and went into my Cam Walker. Gradually, after a couple of weeks, I started putting slight pressure when crutching. I was back to work with limited duties after 1.5 weeks. Back in a shoe after 5 weeks.

STRETCH EVERY DAY!!! As much as your pain allows you. I was quite surprised how quickly I regained my range of motion.

Get to physical therapy as soon as your doc will write you the prescription. Ultrasound and e-stimulation will do wonders for limiting internal scar tissue tightness.

As soon as you get your stitches out and can stand to touch the incision area. Lightly massage it to help break down the scar tissue. Use Mederma to help decrease the scar appearance. It is expensive but does work. I've used it on other scars.

I am two months out now and doing pretty well. I have been working (a good deal on my feet) since a couple weeks out. I have gotten back into the gym recently to get rid of the pre and post surgery body fluff. But I am in the pool or on the bike. No impact yet. Also, I am limiting my lifting if I am on my feet. You typically don't know you've overdone it until it is too late. I pay attention to the swelling (usually in the PM). Ice and elevation usually do the trick.

Re: TT release

Julie-jlc on 4/21/05 at 13:31 (173502)

Just realized that there is another Julie on the board. Not to be confused with her....

Re: TT release

Andrea on 4/22/05 at 09:55 (173532)


thank you so much for all the advice and the encouragement!! I'm looking forward to eventually going back to the gym and wearing regular shoes for sure!


Re: TT release

Andrea on 4/22/05 at 09:56 (173533)

thank you! I'll ask the doc.

Re: TT release

Carol D on 4/27/05 at 21:27 (173861)

I am 20 months post-op. I never had much pain after surgery and was able to return to biking and water aerobics fairly soon. But. . . it took a long time before I built up stamina. My foot would become tired if I stood or walked too long. It was only at 18 months that I could resume hiking and recreational walking. .I had to practice being patient and accept that the total healing process was lengthy. Your experience may be quite different. Good luck