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new diagnosis to add to PF and TTS

Posted by messed up foot on 4/19/05 at 14:52 (173414)

Finally found out why my foot looks like a football - lymphedema. So now I start with specialized treatment of manual lymph drainage. At least there is no RSD! Any one with experience in this?

Also - xrays show significant osteopenia presumably from 5 months of immobility. Now the worry is a possible calcaneal stress fracture (point tenderness and eccymosis on lateral side of heel) Foot doctors - how likely is this to show on an xray? Today's was negative for a fracture and I go back for a 'retake' in 1.5 weeks. How unlucky would I be to have fractured by heel by simply bearing weight? (and no, I'm not obese)

For everyone healing from PF/TTS surgery - my ortho was amazed that I walk fairly well (slight limp) in a shoe at 9 weeks post op. Primarily it is because my heel and PF areas remain numb (I guess that numbness can be your friend)so I don't have to deal with all the heel and arch pain that many of you describe. The down side is that I have no idea where my foot is relative to the ground. Some of you are questioning your recovery time and this could be a road marker for you - it sounds like 12+ weeks is more common.

Re: new diagnosis to add to PF and TTS

AmyC on 4/21/05 at 07:08 (173484)

Hi Messed up foot,

I also have lymphedema and TTS. I was diagnosed with lymphedema at the age of 15 and have been treating it ever since with manual lymph drainage, compression garments, and a pump. I was diagnosed with TTS last year and had surgery in July of last year, I am still waiting to see if it worked or not. I still have a considerable amount of pain. My lymphedema is also much worse, one of the reasons my doctor waited so long to do the surgery. Does your doctor this the lymphedema is a result of your foot surgery?? Good luck with your treatment - I know it is a pain but it is worth it to keep it under control.

Re: new diagnosis to add to PF and TTS

messed up foot on 4/21/05 at 09:22 (173486)

Yes, the lymphedema is the result of the 2 surgeries. As the day progresses, it really makes my ankle stiff and it hurts! The swelling has really done a number on the looks of my TTS incision - mine is 7' long (yes - extra long) and now it is spreading in width. Really ugly. I am trying to get into a Lymphedema clinic but the insurance co. is dragging it's feet. I'm sure that it will be approved eventually.

Anyone know if this type of lymphedema will eventually resolve? The thought of a summer with the leg wraps is sort of daunting! And I have the same TTS issues in the other foot which makes me really not eager to address.