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Losing my job?

Posted by Ted on 4/19/05 at 15:10 (173416)

I have suffered with my feet for a while. It started with ankle pain, which I got an orthodic from the Good Feet store. I wore that for a long time and then eventually noticed the pain on the bottom of my foot from a tight facia. I really didn't do too much at first as the pain wasn't that bad. (thats about two years)

Then I could start feeling pain on the top of my foot playing sports. So I go to a podiatrist who said I had a bunion just developing and gave me an orthodic that didn't really work well. Then some sorness under my foot developed. I went to another Podiatrist who gave me one orthodic that didn't work, then shots that didn't seem to help. I then went to phys therap which I think showed me stretches, made some good cheap orthodics, and did some thereapy where they attached wires to my foot after applying a gel. However, it seems that the orthodics and ice really helped in taking away the pain and swelling (the other things could have worked, but not positive).

I move to Fresno CA now and I have a job where I stand a lot, but not all the time. I also carry heavy files at times. I have worked there now for about 4 months and I can start feeling heel pain that I never really felt like it before. So now I'm worried about losing my job. Its a really good job as a file clerk. I am really worried. The swelling in my feet is going up and getting worse. I'm trying to ice and stretch, but not sure if it is working too well. I have set up an appointment to see a doctor out here now. This stupd thing is really taking a tole on my life. I guess I just had to vent and if any of you have any suggestions. Should I tell my employer. I'm not sure if they can do a whole lot about it.

Re: Losing my job?

Susan on 4/23/05 at 15:41 (173587)

Ted, if the fascia feels tight, then night splints might help. Some orthopedists sell them in their office, or you can order them from this site. If you decide to use them, start with them loose and gradually tighten them. I like the ones with diagonal straps that you can loosen and tighten as needed. How about a high stool kept near where you need to file, to use for the higher-up work. That could save some standing time. Good arch support as you know, a slightly elevated heel, and a 'rocker' sole (where the front part of the sole tilts up somewhat) can help. (I'm not a medical professional, so these are just my thoughts.) Good luck, and keep us posted.

Re: Losing my job?

JoeA on 4/24/05 at 09:46 (173636)

Hi Ted.

You are going through one of my fears. Lately, I've barely been able to make it through some days and I have a mostly sit down job.

Try to find something that helps with your foot comfort while you are standing. You might want to try different shoes or buy some new shoes that have really good support. Then try some different inserts. They can potentially make a difference.

You could attempt to minimize your activity. Shopping kills me, so I avoid it and make fewer trips. Do things to combine trips at work so you can make one trip instead of two. It might seem silly, but I notice a big difference when I increase my activity by only a small amount.

It sounds like it could be a tricky situation at work. If you don't tell, then they think your lazy because your limping along. If you tell them, you risk that they decide that other areas of your performance are lacking. You know your situation best. Either way there is risk, usually honesty is the best policy.

Good luck.

Re: Losing my job?

rose w on 4/24/05 at 18:46 (173662)

Please, please, do not give up your workers rights out of being too proud to admit that your hurting. I would never have ended up this way (12 years now of crippling pain) if I had not been so stubborn to fight the pain of working. Even a pre-existing condition thatis aggravated by current working duties is eligible for a workers comp claim. Don't get bullied around or made to feel silly- it's not up to your employer. Go to your employers work health doctor, then as soon as legal, switch to your own personal and more competent treating physician- Good Luck!