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Do NOT Order from OrthoticsDirect.com!!!

Posted by Kobi on 4/19/05 at 16:37 (173420)

I ordered 3 pairs of 'custom' orthotics from OrthoticsDirect.com. It was supposed to be a CUSTOM silicone pair for $167 and 2 custom pairs - 1 dress and 1 full for $90 each(soft orthotics - even talked to the 'DR' on the phone).

They charged my Credit Card immediately. The foam mold was received and sent back. I got back 3 pairs of orthotics - a silicone pair where each foot was EXACTLY the same (and I could match it to a non-custom pair at a retail store that charges $89), one pair of white plastic partial orthotics with a piece of foam glued to them (for the full pair), and a pair of identical white plastic partials for the dress orthotics. None of these appeared custom. I believe they just matched the stock they had to the mold as best they could.

I tried the Orthotics for 3 weeks (trying to give them my best shot). Their website said you could get a full refund except $20 shipping and $40 'foam mold' charge. Bottom line - I had to leave messages. They called back and left me a message that they could work with me to fix them or I could return them. I called back and said I wanted to return them. A day or 2 later they left the return address on my maching (different address for returns). I Fedexed the orthotics to the address and have a tracking signature for when they arrived (33 days after receipt of the orthotics - because of the phone tag).

That receipt signature was March 15th. Since then, nothing has been credited to my account. I've sent e-mails and called several times (always have to leave a message). NO responses! Now I am apparently out $350 AND they have the orthotics back. I'm setting up a dispute with the Credit Card company, but am afraid since they charged my account when I first ordered the orthotics that nothing will come of it.

Bottom line - very questionable quality, no customer service and they don't honor their guarantee - don't order from these people!!!

Re: Do NOT Order from OrthoticsDirect.com!!!

Dr. Z on 4/19/05 at 22:36 (173438)

I would contact my credit card company especially if it is American Express, and dispute the bill

Re: Do NOT Order from OrthoticsDirect.com!!!

Ed Davis. DPM on 4/21/05 at 10:10 (173491)

Ordering custom fit devices by mail can be very iffy. It is possible that, one day, we will be able to completely computer digitize an orthotic prescritpion and then that could be accomplished but even then, how would adjustments to the orthotic be made? Adjustments are often the key to success vs. failure in orthotic treatment.

Re: Do NOT Order from OrthoticsDirect.com!!!

Richard, C.Ped on 4/21/05 at 15:15 (173507)

Adjustments? You mean other companies orthotics actually need adjustments? Interesting.