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Do I have any hope to stand?

Posted by Ted on 4/20/05 at 00:35 (173440)

I have been having problems with my feet for about 3 years. I have had a sore fascia off and on for a couple of years. I had a desk job for about three years and my heel pain was not bad to non existant. I now have a job where I stand most of the time doing filing. I do cary heavy files sometimes.

Now my heels are starting to hurt and I can see that my feet have swelled. It mostly hurts when I'm standing still. Moreover, I do a lot of crouching on the ground when filing. I can stop with the carrying heavy files with a cart, but I can't really limit my standing. I can take a couple breaks throught the day which I have at times and sit down for other duties. My only treatment in the last year or so has only been icing.

Do I have any hope in keeping this job? I really like it and it was really hard for me to get this good a job. Do I have any hope to keep this job?

Re: Can it be that simple?

Ted on 4/20/05 at 15:15 (173458)

I'll reply to my own message since no body else will. lol. I have been thinking about my problem a lot. I'm one to over analyze somethings and not analyze others. Is ACT my answer?

I have used a form of ACT on myself when I had trouble with what I thought was Carpel Tunnel. The doctors were no help on that issue as well. I have thought of using ACT type of massage on my feet before and I have at some points. I really haven't kept up with it, so I don't know the results. Also, I could be doing it wrong for my feet. Seriously its my last hope for keeping my job at least. So as of now I am trying home ACT, taping, icing, streatching, and also trying to strengthen the muscles.

This is my 2nd day home from work becuase I have been so afraid of the pain. It isn't debilitating pain yet. Its just really annoying pain that has started in my heel. I'll let you know how it goes.

I might go see a ACT practitioner and I still plan on seeing a pod.

Re: Can it be that simple?

Mike W on 4/20/05 at 16:59 (173465)

Hello Ted,

I am not a Doctor however I have a physical therapy background and I have helped thousands of PF sufferers over the past 5 years.

You should see your GP and get a referral for a good Pod if necessary.

I have developed a new exercise protocol for PF. Many of the traditional exercises are poor and could be doing more harm than good. Please check out my website http://www.foottrainer.com and click Plantar Fasciitis for more information.

If you have to be on your feet at work you should not wear traditional dress shoes. I would go to a good running/shoe store and get fitted for motion control type shoes that are very comfortable. Take your time.

Most people with PF tend to stand with more weight on their heels so you could try to shift your weight more to your toes while standing.

If you can, get a moveable stool at a work station.

Try not to carry boxes around as the extra weight could be hurting your PF.

I hope you get better very soon.


Mike W