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Posted by Peggy M on 4/20/05 at 18:30 (173472)

What type of shoes do you recommend for Plantar Fasciitis, when you are on your feet all day and on hard floors.

Re: Shoes

Richard, C.Ped on 4/22/05 at 08:07 (173528)

The higher number New balance are good, as well as Brooks cushion shoes. The best thing is an orthosis though. Even the highest dollar cushion shoes have no arch support.

When you stand, think of a tripod. Basically, your weight is on the first met head, fifth met head and your calcaneous. The fasciitis is there due to some type of over stretching. The orthosis fills in the gaps, bringing the floor to the foot. This creates even weight distribution, and promotes healing.

Re: Shoes

Julie on 4/22/05 at 08:15 (173529)

Richard, what a good, simple explanation! Bringing the floor to the foot... that's exactly what it feels like.


Re: Shoes

Richard, C.Ped on 4/22/05 at 14:42 (173546)

I will come up with a good one every now and then...haha.

Re: I've had good luck ...

Robin P. on 4/22/05 at 20:56 (173557)

...with Danskos. There are a huge variety of styles, some dressy enough to wear with a skirt. They have outstanding arch support. I do not need to wear my orthotic in most of my Danskos. The Dansko 'Professional Clog' is designed for people such as nurses and chefs who have to be on their feet all day long. They are expensive, but well worth the cost.

Re: Robin or anyone

jeannie m on 6/23/05 at 14:46 (177256)

would you know if the dansko lolitta sandles are good for p.f. my doctor couldn't be sure if they would be okay. Thanks