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Guess what I found out?

Posted by Kathy R. on 4/21/05 at 08:56 (173485)

Hi: It's Kathy R. again. If you read my post achillies tendon started 4/17 you know about my problems. Well, yesterday I found out that my MRI on the 15th showed a rupture of my achillies tendon. Imagine how furious I was to find out after almost 5 years and all the constant pain I have been in that I have a ruptured achillies tendon again. I don't know if it left from the old one or a rerupture. I see another OS on Monday the 25th. I was given the choice of 2 OS's. I'm seeing the one my sister had. I would like to if the huge haglunds bump will go away or if I will still have it plus the 2 little ones I have coming on it? As for attorneys, the SOL ran out a long time ago. The SOB is still allowed to practice medicine. I get sick to my stomach everytime I see him or even think about what he did to me and the woman who died of a blood clot that traveled to her heart after 2 surgery's from him. I might report him to the Medical Association. What do you think, does that sound like a good plan? Thanks.

Re: Guess what I found out?

Ed Davis. DPM on 4/21/05 at 10:02 (173490)

Very unusual for a specialist to miss an achilles tear although a generalist may do so. Most professional associations do not perform disciplinary actions so you may be thinking about your state's board of medicine. You need to do what you feel makes things right.

Re: Guess what I found out?

Kathy R. on 4/21/05 at 14:41 (173504)

A great big giant malpractice check would be very right and make me happy. After almost 5 long years suffering, that would be nice. My former PCP wouldn't even look at or talk about my foot. He didn't care. My family and I did all the work, such as, finding new OS's, running all over the place getting special inserts for my shoes, being treated like white trash for having an HMO. Some people have difficulties and need help with medicines and medical needs. The higher-ups treat us like what I just said white trash and let me say I worked a long time and can't help the hand I was dealt. If Dr. P. would have checked my x-rays before PT maybe things would have been better, but no he sent me to PT then when I got worse he sent me for an MRI and discovered the complete rupture of my AT. Live and learn. I would really like to know what happened, if it is the original screw up or a new rupture. Dr. P. could have consulted with another Doctor if he wasn't sure what to do. Doctor help each other often. Now this OS won't even take my HMO anymore, amazing how all of a sudden he dropped this HMO. It is easy to second, third, forth and so on guess what could have been, but I want to say 'I AM NOT WHITE TRASH', never was and never will be. I have a new PCP who seems to care, I've only been his patient since January of this year. That's how I got this far again. Thanks.

Re: Guess what I found out?

john king on 4/21/05 at 20:18 (173514)

Present the facts of the case to a medical malpractice lawyer. He will tell in short order if you have a case. These guys can smell money a mile away believe me. You can usually get a free initial consultation.

Re: Guess what I found out?

Dr. Z on 4/21/05 at 20:30 (173521)

I gave the web site footlaw.com. The rest is in the Kathy's hands. I have mentioned before if she went to a lawyer who refused to FULLY investigate this case and the Statue of limitation is out then there is legal malpractice. An attorney has a duty to investigate fully whether there is legal malpractice just as is a doctor has a duty to treat you correctly. I wish we could say more but that is all I can say about whether this is malpractice or not .

Re: Guess what I found out?

Kathy R. on 4/22/05 at 14:51 (173547)

It's not that I don't want to use the footlaw.com, and I know the rest is in my hands, but almost all my communication with the attorneys were by telephone. My sister was on the other line talking with them too. One high faluting lawyer said they were in the position to pick and choose who they want to represent and I wasn't one of them. I thought at one time I got lucky and found one to take the case, when he got back to me he changed his tune and was rude and said he didn't want bothered. He looked like a used car dealer. We called just about every attorney we could find and worked feverlishly for hours and days calling. We made copies of all the information we could muster up and nothing. Apparently they thought it wasn't worth their time. So, I have no proof. I honestly did try and my sister just kept at it until I had to tell her we were beating a dead horse. I found out today that an MRI I had of my head in August 2004 has an abnormality that could be fatal. The doctor told me at my follow-up that my MRI showed nothing and that it was probably just migraines and to follow up with a neurologist, guess what? The ones they recommended didn't take my HMO either, again the white trash reared its ugly head. So I went from nothing wrong to ventricular dilatation, I know ventricular sounds like heart but there is info about head in our research and it isn't good. All, or most, of the good doctors and attorneys must be in the other 49 states because they sure aren't in Pennsylvania. This a-- that had the MRI of my head sent me a letter today and that's the only way I found out. Now, my big dilema, is it safe for me to have my AT surgery with this thing in my head, and what exactly are the risks? He is supposed to call me today, we'll see. He stopped my HMO too. Go Figure!!!! He only sent me the letter that is dated 4/6/2005 and post marked 4/21/2005, to tell me I never followed up with him. He doesn't take my HMO so I asked you how do I go to a doctor that doesn't take me anymore?

Re: Guess what I found out?

Dr. Z on 4/22/05 at 19:37 (173549)

This is interesing. Call your Blue Shield. MAKE them give you a list of specialists to go to. Call your primary doctor. Have him refer you to a specialist. Where in PA do you live?

Re: Guess what I found out?

Kathy R. on 4/23/05 at 08:43 (173575)

I was given a choice of 2 OS and that was by my PCP. I live in Commodore a very small mining town. Our closest OS and Poditrist is 17 miles from here. My appointment is this coming Monday. I heard from the doctor that said I had an abnormality in my head and he said it was nothing after he scared my family and I half to death. See why I'm leary about having anything done. I AM actually getting my records from the Dr. that messed me up in the first place. No charge, Imagine That. I heard yesterday from his office. Now if they just put all the info in them. This way I can see about my second MRI I had taken that he wouldn't tell me about. I am hoping they are all there. I should have them by the time I see the OS Monday. Let's hope. I have proof that the doctor who did the surgery did, indeed, mess up. Again no attorney would do anything, SOL ran out. Thanks.

Re: Guess what I found out?

john king on 4/24/05 at 16:05 (173658)

You know in isolated areas there is a 'Standard of Care' issue. A friend of mine lives in rural Georgia and had hernia surgery done that was unsuccessful but there was only two doctors in the county who could even do the surgery. If the standard of care is not that great you may be having trouble due to that issue.

Re: Guess what I found out?

Kathy R. on 4/24/05 at 17:34 (173661)

What exactly is 'Standard of Care'? I see the OS tomorrow afternoon. There are other doctors that does this surgery, but I was given a choice of 2. Thanks for your help.