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Sesamoid Bone Pain

Posted by Painful foot Julie on 4/22/05 at 00:43 (173525)

About 7 years ago I got a pair of orthotics made that were hard plastic and I believe they were too long. Regardless, within weeks of wearing them my sesamoid bone on my right foot broke. I was in a hard cast for several months with very slow healing. The first year after the break was very painful. Since then I have consistently had pain on my right foot where the bone is but also in the big toe joint. When all this happened, I was a competetive athelete (runner). I have since taken up cycling but miss my more active lifestyle. I have lived with this pain for 7 years and it is starting to effect the musculature and joints on my opposite leg since my left leg has bared most of my weight for 7 years. Is there any hope for a pain free life after a broken sesamoid bone? Where might I find the best specialist to work with me. As you can imagine, after that experience I am concerned that I find a practitioner who will really listen to me.

Re: Sesamoid Bone Pain

Richard, C.Ped on 4/22/05 at 08:02 (173527)

As a C.Ped, we have seen many patients with either sesimoiditis or broken sesimoid bones. Mostly, we make a softer orthosis and help off load that area. A properly place metatarsal pad or a metatarsal bar will help distribute weight away from that area as well.

Re: Sesamoid Bone Pain

Liboralis on 4/24/05 at 10:07 (173638)

Richard has good advice. If you are still wearing your orthotic and it has hard material, a post or some type of buildup under that first metatarsal have the dummy that made it take it off, or actually go to someplace else because if you have this trouble and the person didnt fix it go to another person. What state do you live in?