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Ossatron ESWT

Posted by dorim on 4/22/05 at 12:26 (173540)

I have had PF for nearly 3 years and am scheduled to have a treatment on an Ossatron next week. I'm wondering what input/experience others can give me, particularly regarding the pain during and after the treatment, and how long I may need to wait until I know whether it helped? I am going on a hiking trip in July and certainly want to at least feel like I am now for that trip, not worse. Thanks!

Re: Ossatron ESWT

elvis on 4/23/05 at 00:45 (173569)

dorim...I'm looking at getting an Ossatron treatment for my pf after I lose some weight. I've been sidelined from running for 15 months now. The doctor told me that she would put me in a walking boot for 4-6 weeks after the treatment. From what I've read on this site some people get immediate relief (but it sounds like a very rare occurence) and most really don't get good relief for at least 3-6 months. Some don't get any relief at all. Most people seem to say that it stays the same or gets worse before it gets better. Lets see what others say.

Good luck and come back and post with your results.

Re: Ossatron ESWT

DriverWilde on 4/23/05 at 06:31 (173573)


I have a great deal of experience with the Ossatron. It's recommended that you be put in a twilight sleep during the procedure which means you should feel no pain during the procedure and you won't even remember the procedure was done. Most patients have a soreness likened to that of a stone bruise for a day or two after having it done, but it should feel no worse than you do right now. Within a week a or 2, you might get a different sensation of pain returning that might last as long as 3 months. Rarely, have I seen physicians put patients in a walking boot post-op for PF , but of course, there may be another underlying reason for that that your doctor feels it neccessary. Most patients will walk out of the surgery center or hospital on their own in good shoes (orthotics if you have them). After receiving the Ossatron treatment, you should avoid running, jumping, heavy lifting, or over exertion of your plantar for at least 4 weeks. After that you should still be very cautious to the level of stress you put on your foot/feet, but normal walking should be fine. It is a generally a 12 week process in getting better. Some will get better faster, some slower. It will be up to your physician whether at 12 weeks the procedure should be repeated or not. Be sure to do the stretches that your doctor recommends several times a day after the treatment, that is probably one of the most important factors in treatment success.

Hope this helps.

Good luck and be well.


Re: Ossatron ESWT

vince on 4/23/05 at 11:04 (173582)

How about being more specific about your experience with the Ossatron? Are you a podiatrist,orthopedist, do you work for a company that supplies the Ossatron to drs. for treatments, are you a ESWT tech, etc?

Re: Ossatron ESWT

Dori M. on 4/23/05 at 20:02 (173604)

Thanks for the info. I'm really worried after reading all of this, about how long it takes to recover from the EWST treatment itself, as I have scheduled an active (hiking) trip the first two weeks of July. If my foot feels like it does now with the PF, I know I can hike because I've done it for the past couple years, but if my foot is somehow worse due to the ESWT, I may want to wait until after the trip. Any thoughts from anyone?

Re: Ossatron ESWT

Julie on 4/24/05 at 00:29 (173620)

I think you should wait until after your trip. July is only two months away, and recovery time post-ESWT is unpredictable. Some people experience relief fairly quickly, others within 6-12 weeks, and for others it takes up to 12 weeks. Sometimes a second treatment is needed. The point isn't so much whether you're going to experience pain from the treatment, but that once you've had it you'll want to give yourself every possible chance of recovery. That means clearing the decks and not doing intense activity that could set you back.

Alternatively, have the treatment now as scheduled, but postpone the trip.

Re: Ossatron ESWT

Dr. Z on 4/24/05 at 01:28 (173622)

I agree with Julie however pf is a repetitive motion injury. Just because you were able to hike the past few years doesn't mean you will be able this year. This may sound tough but here is my opinion. Get the treatment, rest if you feel grea hike, if you don't hike. This is your health, hiking can wait your foot health cant. You only have one pair of feet they must last you a life time. .

Re: Ossatron ESWT

Ralph on 4/24/05 at 18:47 (173663)

Hike if you must, but from my own experience trying to walk through pain isn't a great move and you may end up worse off than you are right now.

If you use the search tab on this website you can read the reactions that others had post ESWT. Many had increased pain for several weeks it seems.
You may find yourself in the same boat so you may want to consider waiting till after your planned hike to get ESWT.

From what others have expressed as their experience with ESWT I doubt you'd be ready for great hiking by July, but anything is possible. No doctors seem to put a time limit on when or how fast you will get relief following treatment. The final decision rests with you.