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We got a new washing machine

Posted by Kathy G on 4/23/05 at 09:11 (173578)

and last night, my husband and I were sitting in front of it with a flashlight, watching it spin. We got one of those new, high efficiency front loaders and it's fascinating. It spins so fast that you can't see the clothes inside and the washed clothes are almost dry when they come out. It uses very little water and the the clothes agitate horizontally.

I was kind of dubious about buying it as it was expensive but my husband played to the conservationist side of me and I caved. I knew I wanted a front loader but I didn't think I needed the top of the line but now I'm glad I went with it. Who wouldn't want a machine that's supposed to clean better and quicker, is good for the environment and will save money besides? These kinds of washing machines have been used in Europe for years.

I'd been saving my quilts and blankets and numerous other items for the delivery of this wonder. I can't believe I find a washing machine so fascinating. I called my daughter to tell her that her father and mother were watching a washing machine on a Friday night but she wasn't home. I guess maybe she has a life! :D

Re: We got a new washing machine

Susan on 4/23/05 at 15:06 (173584)

I've been admiring those for a couple of years. Now I really want one. I've got blankets I need to take to the laundromat and it would be so nice to be able to wash them at home. Enjoy!

Re: We got a new washing machine

Ralph on 4/23/05 at 17:56 (173592)

The new front loaders are probably much more efficient, but once again what's old has come around again. Front loaders were available in the U.S. too,(in the old days). They have just been reborn and given Wow status.

I love seeing old ideas showing up in todays market place especially in clothing. How many guys remember the higher heeled shoes for men that were marketed after Dance Fever hit the screen? Like everything else I bet we see them again. Got my pair in the closet.

Re: We got a new washing machine

Ralph on 4/23/05 at 18:18 (173596)

Did she get her money's worth with her first front loader?

RE: Maytag Neptune Washer - purchased in 1997 - broke last week - control board and door lock assembly bad - repair bill is $ 554.00

I have been an owner of the Maytag Neptune Washer since 1997 and until now, counted myself one of the lucky ones enjoying this great product. That is until it broke down for the first time a week ago.

I had allowed the extended warrenty purchased at Best Buy to lapse. I guess the commercial got too my check book. After finally finding an appliance repair man that would service this machine, I find that my Control Board and door lock assembly has gone bad.

Total cost to me including parts, labor, and shipping - $554.00. (I acturally only will pay $204.00 for the lock assembly. The control panel is being shipped with the mildew preventer kit.)

Needless to say this is not a joke. My repair bill is about 50% of what I paid for the machine. I called Maytag and they likened this machine to an expensive car that one would expect to pay more for the parts and service. I agree, but not 50% of the original car cost. Their bottom line - purchase the extended warrenty.

My bottom line - I feel Maytag has failed the consumer by pruducing a product that costs so much to repair.The front loading/save water concept idea is a great one, but this machine should be pulled from the market and placed back on the drawing board.

The cost to repair one board and door assembly should not be 50% of the cost of the washer. After all, for 50% more, I could buy a whole new washer.

Re: We got a new washing machine

john h on 4/24/05 at 08:36 (173628)

I bought a new Sears top loader with the features of a front loader. We have had it a year (Name: Calapso) and really enjoy it and feel it cleans better than the convention washer with the big arm to move the clothes. It uses much less water and much less detergent. Consumer Reports had it rated high. Being a new product I did buy the extended warranty. Some may not like it (I think Judy may have taken her's back) but it works well for us. They are pricey.

Re: We got a new washing machine

john h on 4/24/05 at 08:40 (173629)

Ralph: Sounds like you are describing ME rather than a washing machine. I am ready for the WOW status and to be reborn. I never was in to high heels and leisure suits Ralph. Closest thing I came to this was watching Saturday Night Fever which gave me a fever. I guess you were also into plaid. I have changed my views of you Ralph. I can see Richard into all this. Eat your heart out John Travolta--Ralph is coming back.

Re: We got a new washing machine

john h on 4/24/05 at 08:48 (173630)

Kathy as you say you can load those babies with anything and they do make some different noises. Be sure and use the detergents marked 'HE' or high efficiency as others create to much foam. Tide make a liquid HE and powder and you get the best cost on the Sears HE (powder). Ours is a top loader but acts just like the front loader and I think cost just as much. Mary found it easier for her to load and unload from the top. Over a year old now and going strong. We think it is the best washer we have ever had (do not yell at me Judy as I am sensitive). I still remember my Grandma using a big cast iron pot outside over a fire and using lye soap to clean clothes. I will gurantee you no germ survived that and you better not have sensitive skin.

Re: We got a new washing machine

Kathy G on 4/24/05 at 09:24 (173633)

I'm sorry you had to pay such a high bill to repair your Maytag, Ralph. We almost bought that machine but then realized that our Consumer Reports article was outdated and they had just done a new one in February of this year. When we read that, we decided to go with the Sears HE3 which is made by Whirlpool.

We don't believe in extended warranties, either, but we always get one on our washer. That's because it's in the basement. (Here in New England, we call it the 'cellar' but I recently found out no one else in the country does.) Our washer has to pump up several feet so we always burn out a few pumps so it pays for itself.

I got the HE detergent at our local supermarket chain, John. I tend to buy detergent when it's on sale and I always use liquid Wisk. I had two bottles in reserve and they exchanged them for the HE version of Wisk. It was the same price. I'm allergic to many detergents and my mother always used Wisk when she discovered it didn't bother me, so I've stuck with it.

I don't remember Judy and her washing machine. What kind did she buy?

Re: We got a new washing machine

Ralph on 4/24/05 at 12:27 (173644)

I didn't purchase that machine. It was a letter printed by a woman that purchased one of the original front loaders made by Maytag Corp in 1997.

Quite a price perhaps for that year, but it seems to last a fairly long time so maybe she got her money's worth after all.

We have a Magtag, but it's a top loader. Never has had a problem and I hope it never will, but I know that is just a dream, but hey anything is possible.

Re: We got a new washing machine

Richard, C.Ped on 4/24/05 at 16:00 (173657)

My wife and I bought a Whirlpool front loader about a month ago. Love it. We are saving for the matching dryer so we can stack them in a closet.

Re: We got a new washing machine

JudyS on 4/25/05 at 23:10 (173740)

Yes John I did take mine back. I felt that it didn't clean the clothes as well and I was concerned about the 'twisting' the clothes were ending up in. I think mine was a year before yours John - I think it was the first model.

Re: We got a new washing machine

JudyS on 4/25/05 at 23:13 (173741)

I remember my grandmother 'treating' my cousin and I by letting us feed just-washed clothing through the wringers of her wringer-washer! We loved doing that. The other treat of the day was standing by with clothespins while she hung clothes on an outside line!

Re: We got a new washing machine

Kathy G on 4/26/05 at 09:50 (173757)

My mother had one of those wringer washing machines, Judy. When she got pregnant at forty-three, my dad insisted we get an automatic washer. I think I was more excited than anyone in the family and I was eight!

After giving birth to my sister, she was very sick and my father couldn't take much time off from work so my older sister and I each stayed home from school for one week to help her out. One of the things I loved doing was running the new washer and hanging the clothes on the line. I was very small for my age and the only way I could reach the clothesline was to bring out a chair and stand on the chair and then move it to the next article to be hung. I remember she and my father saying that wasn't part of what they expected me to do but I thought it was great fun!

I still love the smell of clothes hung outside but like everyone else, I use a dryer now. The clothes just don't get as soft on the line, and of course, now with my physical limitations, hanging clothes out isn't even viable. I did do it occasionally when my children were younger, though, even though we had a dryer.

A nice stroll down memory lane!

Re: **Another washing machine**

Necee on 4/28/05 at 12:21 (173874)

About 3 yrs ago we bought a top loading GE washer, I hated it! The clothes always ended up twisted into a mangled mess. When we finished building our house my husband tried to talk me into one of those front end loaders, like ya'll mentioned, it's suppose to use less water. Well, I couldn't see paying over a $1,000.00 for a washer, so he caved in and we ended up buying a Sears Kenmore top loading washer. It's so much better than that GE I had, the clothes aren't twisted at all when the cycle is done. I got lucky and found the matching washer and dryer on clearance at our local Sears store, they were making room for the 2005 models, I got both for the price of one! I could care less if I have last years model.

How times have changed, we could be using a scrub board. I can remember my grandmother putting a large pot on top of the stove, she would boil all the white clothes, in Mrs Stewarts Bluing and then scrub them clean.
I bet those women didn't have pretty fingernails back then.....shoot, I don't have pretty nails now!!

Happy trails....


Re: GE gas dryer isn't too great, either

Carole C in NOLA on 4/28/05 at 22:07 (173903)

My supersized GE gas dryer is not very good either. It dries a huge load of clothes amazingly quickly and without wrinkles. But it has a buzzer so loud that it could be heard in the next block... I'm only just barely kidding. It is shockingly loud out by the curb with the doors and windows shut, for example. And the sound quality is a dreadful 'BLATTT'.

All cycles end with a loud 'BLATTT', and the dryer keeps going for an infinite time until I get up and open the dryer door. If I don't do that, in a couple of minutes the buzzer will go off again (and again, and again if I don't open the dryer door). This is on all cycles.

I'm lucky enough to have my washer/dryer located off the hall right outside the master bedroom, about fifteen feet from my bed. If I should happen to be exhausted, and not care about the wrinkles and just want to sleep while I dry my towels or something, I can't. If I can ignore the first buzz while I sleep, I can't ignore the second, third, etc. And, I can't start the dryer and go anywhere. I have to sit there until it is done so that I can open the dryer door to stop it from turning and buzzing.

Now there are worse things in life than waiting for one's dryer, but still I have even been thinking of replacing my wonderful, nearly new, GE dryer just to get one that will let me sleep. I don't need fancy cycles; I just need timed drying while I sleep! :) However, I checked Consumer Reports and loudness of the dryer buzzer isn't even mentioned, much less used as a basis upon which to rate dryers.

The supersized dryer is a fairly tight fit in the washer/dryer closet, so it's not reasonably possible to get access to it to try to disconnect the buzzer. Even if I could do that, the dryer would still keep turning infinitely... not a desired situation either. There is no switch to turn off the buzzer.

Frank's gas dryer ends with a sweet, civilized, soft 'ding!' and then it STOPS. Unfortunately, his dryer is old and he says it has probably been changed since then. Otherwise, I'd buy THAT kind. :)

Carole C

Re: An update on my front loader

Kathy G on 4/30/05 at 10:17 (173967)

My front loader was fun to watch but after that, the fun stopped. My husband's dress shirts, which are wrinkle free but still need some touchup, came out a mass of wrinkles and took me three times longer to iron! And I hate to iron!

Even our polos and knits came out needing to be ironed. I tried all kinds of variations on the spin cycles and after getting advice from others who had the same or similar machine, last night we went back to Sears and they're taking the machine back. The manager of the department was very nice and while he didn't exactly say that the machine is known for causing wrinkles, he did say I wasn't the first to have this particular problem.

The nifty machine is being replaced by a more mundane Kenmore toploader and a new gas dryer. I honestly don't need a new dryer but my husband thinks it might cut down even more on my ironing chores and because of my arthritis, that would be nice. When you have a nice husband who's trying to make your life easier, you don't argue, you just thank him. And even with buying both pieces, we ended up with a credit.

So, we're going to have to find our fun elsewhere because our handy dandy, state of the art washer is going to be gone! :)

Re: An update on my front loader

Linda V on 4/30/05 at 14:07 (173989)

Hmmmm..will keep that in mind if I ever need a new washer...