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heel spur

Posted by Lugene G on 4/23/05 at 09:56 (173580)

What is your oppinion on cortizone shots, for the heel spur?

Re: heel spur

wendy d on 4/23/05 at 18:04 (173593)

I went to a local foot dr. ( only 2 in this town to choose from) for a heel spur. He took an Xray of my foot, said it was a heel spur and treated it as such. He also gave me a cortisone shot in my foot and taped it up. (Oh, and a shoe insole thing for my shoe.) Well, during the course of treatment I had a couple toes that were going numb....the dr. didn't seem at all too concerned about it. He just said it 'could be' a pinched nerve - he never ordered another Xray and never referred me to anyone....Every time I'd go into his office, I got a cortisone shot for my heel......a series of 8 cortisone shots to be exact. I finally quit going to him...went back to my family dr. who said, 'Not much you can do about it...I supposed you could TRY going to an orthopedist, however, they will just tell you the same thing the dr. told you.....' Well fast forward to now.....after almost 6 months of working on my feet and feeling nothing but pain I caved and went to an orthopedic surgeon. He took Xrays, did conductivity testing AND an MRI..........it all confirmed I had tarsal tunnel syndrome, a Morton's neuroma AND a pinched nerve. I go in for surgery THIS Monday..............my advice is after 3 cortisone shots at TOPS, and your foot isn't better.......seek out another dr.

Re: heel spur

john h on 4/23/05 at 19:38 (173601)

It may be to late but I would sure get another opinion before I went in for surgery even if you have to go to another town. Once you have surgery (a PF release) there is no turning back and it can not be undone. Eight cortisone shots in one year is a no no by anyones standards and could damage your fascia. Think real hard about this surgery. Real hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

Re: heel spur

john h on 4/23/05 at 19:40 (173602)

A cortisone shot for a 'heelspur' I would guess is meant to be a cortisone shot for inflamation of the fascia. The heelspur is a symptom and not a cause. Many people have heelspurs and no pain and many have pain and no heelspurs.

Re: heel spur

James L. on 4/23/05 at 21:03 (173608)

I have had shots 3 times in each heel. The first set, was quite effective, lasting several months, the second set didn't last quite that long, and the third set provided pain free walking for just a month. They are very painful and expensive.

Re: heel spur

Linda V on 4/23/05 at 21:36 (173611)

I don't regret the cortisone therapy my doc did after trying first conservative treatments of rest, icing, and inserts. My right foot was very painful...when he pressed the spot I could have hit the ceiling. The first shot was very uncomfortable..instant relief, then pain again after about 3 days but not as bad....he said I was a classic case. The second shot did not hurt as much...and same results. The third shot hardly hurt at all...overall, I got about 50% relief. Then my left foot kicked in, but not as bad. He gave me one shot..but when I went back for a second, he declined because my pain was not as bad. Smart doc.
I am told never to get more than 3 cortisone shots within a years time.
And NO TREATMENT alone is going to work in my opinion...YOU have to do the rest of it---like resting, passive stretches, orthotics, or whatever.
People who get a cortisone shot and then complain it hurts after they run 5 miles..well...what can I say?