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Foot surgery doesn't work!

Posted by Paulo Leitao on 4/23/05 at 19:08 (173599)

Foot surgery doesn't work!
It will not solve the problem and will probably aggravate the tendency for the other foot to start feeling the same symptons.
Fisio with stretching works.

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work!

Liboralis on 4/24/05 at 10:01 (173637)

Thats some grounbreaking news Paulo. Could you please elaborate on such a vague statement. For example, how is physio superior to surgery in a grade III post tib tendon?

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work!

cindyp on 4/24/05 at 15:28 (173654)

my foot surgery worked and worked well.

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work! Maybe yours didn't

BudP on 4/25/05 at 01:39 (173682)

My foot surgery worked and I couldn't be happier. I'm 16 months and still pain free. Maybe you didn't have the right surgeon or procedure.


Re: Foot surgery doesn't work!

chris on 4/25/05 at 08:30 (173686)

My surgery also worked! I remain pain free and I haD my surgery Nov '00!

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work! Some perspective.

Ed Davis, DPM on 4/27/05 at 21:18 (173857)

To all. There are a lot of posts on foot surgery on this site to go through. I think that the overall success rate of planatar fascial release surgery is 60 to 70%. Much depends on one's biomechanics, whether physical therapy is performed after surgery, attention to scar tissue formation. In other words, I think that docs who pay more attention to follow up and adequately address all relevant issues will get better results.

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work! Some perspective.

Orfie on 6/22/05 at 12:34 (177217)

I had heel spur surgery on my left foot on 5/5/05 and I have no more heel pain. Just soreness, which is normal; the recovering is lengthy but worth it. I would do again.

Re: Foot surgery doesn't work! Some perspective.

vicki s. on 10/18/05 at 18:06 (185104)

I'll be having my surgury in November. What can I expect? How do I get around in the house that first week. Let me know! vicki