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lymphedema and a nerve impingement question

Posted by messed up foot on 4/24/05 at 14:28 (173653)

After TTS/PF and peroneal tendon repair I now have lymphedema. How common is this and will it improve with treatment? I am lucky to have access to a lymphedema treatment clinic once they have an opening.

Also - is there a nerve that runs under (plantar) the peroneal tendon that could be impinged? The sural has been numb since the peroneal repair - but now I have a 'nerve' pain that radiates to my small toe on the from under the lateral maleolus on the plantar surface of my foot while the top of my foot remains numb. My ortho says that my nerves definitely do not like any pressure or contact (actually he said that my sural didn't even like being looked at:-)) Heel is numb despite the TTS release as well.

Just curious I guess - I'm not having anymore surgery on this foot!