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Nerve release with plantar fascia surgery

Posted by ouch, ooch! on 4/24/05 at 20:13 (173665)

I'm having plantar fascia surgery and also have an entrapped nerve (Baxter). What is done when the Baxter nerve is also released? I was told that my fascia would be cut all the way back to the bone, and possibly release a nerve. Could someone please tell me about this?

Re: Nerve release with plantar fascia surgery

Ralph on 4/24/05 at 20:43 (173669)

The one thing I learned from reading back posts is that the patient shouldn't go into any procedure they don't fully understand. You are doing the right thing by asking questions. I hope you will continue to do so until you fully understand what it is that you are treating, why your doctor is suggesting a certain procedure and what you can expect in terms of results.

If you don't fully understand don't do anything until you do. Find out everything before you allow someone to make that first cut.

P.S. Remember a second opinion isn't a bad idea either.

Re: Nerve release with plantar fascia surgery

john king on 4/25/05 at 16:39 (173712)

I agree 100% with what Ralph just said but I am no doctor. Just look before you leap. You cannot uncut the PF.