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Posted by Lynda on 4/25/05 at 12:57 (173701)

I have heel spurs only they are on the top of my feet. I have seen my doctor. I am going to travel (walk) around Europe for four weeks. What brand of shoes are going to feel the best with my 'top' heel spurs. Any recommendations you have would be greatly appreciated.

Re: shoes

Sher C on 4/26/05 at 17:39 (173786)

You may want to try some great sandals I found. I had an ankle replacement and have tried so many different kinds of shoes. The sandals are by HushPuppies and are called 'Scamp.' I found them online at Peltz shoes in St Petersburg FL. They also carry them on ZAPPOS.com. They come in black, white and kind of a beige color. I have the beige ones right now but am going to order the other ones. I think these would be great for you as they are lightweight, have a great cushion to them, are soft and the tops of them give you plenty of room when you walk..I love them. They are the only shoes I can wear right now. Most shoes have an arch to them so it is difficult. I know just how you feel not being able to find shoes these days. They don't usually have a large enough 'toe box' or if they do they look like orthopedic training shoes that a 90 year old might wear.
Good luck - hope you find something great to wear.