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heel spurs

Posted by Help ABUQUERQUE on 4/26/05 at 23:23 (173811)

I have been to a quack. I have heel spur protruding into achilles tendon. I walk with a cane. I went to orthopaedic surgeon who wanted to do nothing but physical tharapy. I am so disgusted I cried all the way home. Can someone please recommend a decent surgeon in albuquerque, new mexico????
On top of everything he wrote me a rx which I got to pharmacy and he dated it wrong so I couldnt even get it filled. IS THERE A COMPETANT ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON IN ALBUQUERQUE??????

Re: heel spurs

Kim R on 4/28/05 at 13:27 (173877)

I lived in Albuquerque for 25 years and let me tell you, I had the worse problems in the world with orthopedic surgeons in Albuquerque. I had to do alot of screamin to get fixed up, several wanted to leave in horrific pain and others wished I was disabled. The most helpful person on the orthopedic side of things was my podiatrist and my pain management doctor for neck problems. I first saw my podiatrist in Albuquerque in May 2002, he realized the problem immediately and took care of it immediately as well. John Panek DPM is his name. He is kind,caring and thorough. I no longer reside in Albuquerque or NM for the very reason you state, orthpods just sit and wait till you can't stand it anymore before they do something. Seems to be standard in NM. I was almost disabled from chronic neck pain and my surgeon didn't want to surgery. I had to scream for 2 years before I was sent to pain management for injections which saved my life. I have had many orthopedic procedures done and my podiatrist was one of the ones who saw what kind of life I lived and what quality of life I wanted to remain living in a decent amount of time. Don't let an orthopedic surgeon tell you PT will fix it, many foot problems are structural abnormalities that cannot be corrected by stregthening especially with age as I have found out just yesterday. I went from 2 bad toes on one foot to now all 5 needing reconstructive surgery just from bone spurs and arthritic changes and thats a big change in just 2 years. Unfortunately my job demands my feet so I have no other options but to fix it as I already wear orthotics. One thing I learned is if you don't go in educated you will be pushed around, don't let it happen make sure you take care of you, the longer you put it off the longer the recovery.

Re: heel spurs

k on 5/04/05 at 05:06 (174216)

I saw another ortho surgeon, he wont touch it. I am so disgusted. They just keep giving me pain medicine instead of trying to fix this. I should just take all of it. If I didnt have my fiance in my life right now, I probably would. New xrays finally, the bony mass extends from the bottom of heel with a spur to back of heel with another spur sticking into achilles tendon. N ow because the tendxon is involved he wants me to see another surgeon at UNMH. I feel like I am wasting my time running in circles. This is last doctor then I give up and will be thoroughly convinced that NM is a third world country.

Re: heel spurs

k on 5/05/05 at 06:11 (174292)

just to let you know i was finally sent to dr richard miller a foot surgeon by unmh, he is wonderful. i cried because someone is finally going to help me. i have an air cast and mri scan for tonight. he saw me same day i called there. he is totally wonderfula nd i will be having surgery.